AquaBlu Staff Picks: What's Your Favorite In-Pool Furniture Product?

AquaBlu Staff Picks: What's Your Favorite In-Pool Furniture Product?
by Danielle Major

One of the reasons AquaBlu Mosaics has become the most trusted online seller of pool tile and accessories, is due to our incredible staff! We are beyond blessed to have such talented, hardworking individuals who truly put their all into helping us make AquaBlu what it is today. 

Customers always ask if we have a favorite tile, mosaic, or accessory, and we LOVE the opportunity to share our thoughts! Recently, during this summer, a lot of people have been asking us “What’s the best pool lounger?” or “What kind of furniture can I put on my tanning shelf?”. So, we’ve answered your questions and compiled a list of some of our favorite in-pool furniture products just for you! 

Here's our staff picks for best pool loungers and in-pool furniture products:

1. Ryan – Customer Service Manager: ShayZ Lounger by Tenjam

“As a heavy-set person, I absolutely love the ShayZ Lounger! Its wider design makes for a much more comfortable experience when I am enjoying a day at poolside. Not to mention their color options are un-matched in my opinion! Have you seen Sea Foam Green?!? Talk about standing out from the crowd!” 

in pool furniture best for tanning shelf

2. Sarah –Product Manager: Destination Lounger by S.R. Smith

“Growing up in Florida meant a lot of pool days with my friends and family, and the destination lounge chair is perfect for just that. This lounger by S.R. Smith is ideal for relaxing in the pool, all while giving you the lumbar support you need to chill all day in the sunshine. Super sleek, elegant, and makes you feel like you are at a 5-star resort!”

best in pool lounger SR Smith

3. Rob – Customer Service: ShayZ Lounger by Tenjam with risers

"I really like the Shayz in-pool lounger because it’s comfortable and stylish. It features two armrests allowing you to relax more comfortably, plus it is suitable for the big and tall community. With the added feature of two cup holders built into the armrest, this keeps your refreshments in reach. The Shayz lounger comes in a variety of colors and also has optional risers that can work in many depths of water from 5” up to 17” of water. This is why the Shayz lounger is my top pick. Are you ready to Shayz with me?"

best in pool lounge chairs

4. Justine – Order Fulfillment Specialist: Amped Stool/Table by Tenjam

"I am a big fan of fun colors and unique designs, and the Amped Side Table and Stool from Tenjam gives both! With so many bright colors to mix and match with other in-pool products, it's so easy to incorporate into any existing pool furniture and has the versatility to work as an additional seat for extra guests. The Surf Blue color is my personal favorite!"

best in pool furniture

5.Jamie – Director of Operations: Kai Shelf Lounger by Floating Luxuries

“My family and I love our Kai Shelf Loungers! Not only are they beautiful, but after comparing them to so many on the market, we found them to be the most comfortable as well. We have received so many compliments like how “sleek” and “elegant” they look in the water, as well as how much everyone loves the cell phone holder and cup holder! We love the ergonomic design that literally cradles you in the most comfortable way as well as the fact that they are a bit more oversized, which my Husband and Father love. With many of the other chairs we’d have to pull a drain plug and fill it in the deep end and pull it back up to the shelf, however with this one we can simply fill in place. Just another bonus to add to the list! “
staff pick best shelf lounger

6. Cristi – Creative Content Manager: The Moon Chair by Tenjam

“The moment I saw these chairs I had to have one! I love their unique and modern look and the fact that they have cupholders. They look fantastic in a pool or even poolside under some shade. Plus, they make them in lime green!”
best in pool lounge chair

Pool loungers are perfect for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the pool. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors so you can find the perfect one for your needs. All our in-pool furniture products come from amazing top-rated brands with great reputations that we know our customers will love.  

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious lounger to relax in or some fun, new furniture for your pool party, we’ve got you covered. Our team has put together their favorite picks from our inventory and you can browse them all here.

At AquaBlu we genuinely love what we sell. We stand behind all of our durable, luxury materials whether it be mosaic tile, in-pool furniture, or even setting materials and outdoor furniture.

Thanks for reading and happy swimming! 🌊 


Author: Cristi Oramas
Date: July 25, 2022