Pool Mosaics: Fun and Fabulous Centerpieces

Pool Mosaics: Fun and Fabulous Centerpieces
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Pool design is composed of many different elements. Besides the shape and size of the pool, designers focus on waterline tile color and texture as well as the pool coping and deck.

Another design element that often goes overlooked but can have a dramatic impact on the appearance of your pool is a mosaic such as lifelike turtles, dolphins, family crests and sports logos.

Pool mosaics often serve as pool centerpieces and can punch up the tone of your pool like no other design factor. Additionally, hand-crafted swimming pool mosaics not only give your pool a unique centerpiece, they also increase the aesthetic value of your new or refinished pool. So it’s not surprising that over the past three to four decades, pool owners have increasingly been adding more fun and excitement to their swimming experience by incorporating colorful, compelling pool mosaics.

The problem is – what pool mosaic do you choose? AquaBlu has over 62 dozen pool mosaic designs to choose from with everything from star fish and manta rays to whales and flip flops.

Some of the more popular pool mosaic centerpiece designs include the following:

Shark and Dolphin Pool Mosaics

dolphin group pool mosaics

These two favorite pool mosaics make the perfect centerpiece. Imagine putting a real shark in your swimming pool. Think it would draw attention? AquaBlu offers more than a dozen different shark pool mosaics including hammerheads, grey sharks and great whites. Add a 4 foot shark with shadow pool mosaic and you have to look twice to make sure there really isn’t a shark swimming in your pool. The realism from this illusion is amazing.

Got a diving board? The comic Jaw’s-like In Your Face Shark or Gotcha Shark is the perfect centerpiece for fun down in the deep end as divers try to avoid open jaws.

Dolphins aren’t as edgy as sharks, but they set the tone for a relaxing, magical time in your pool. AquaBlu features over 80 different dolphin pool mosaics including bottlenose dolphins, curved dolphins, dolphins in groups, dolphins pairs and parents with baby dolphins.

Like the sharks, some dolphin pool mosaic designs come with shadows. These shadows not only give pool mosaics a realistic 3-D effect, they also add another layer of visual perspective to your pool.

Turtle Pool Mosaics 

turtle pool mosaics

AquaBlu offers a huge selection of turtle pool mosaics. You can find everything from 3 foot tall loggerheads with shadows to 5 inch baby blue turtles.

A centerpiece that draws a lot of interest is the turtle family design. Place baby turtles on pool steps following larger turtles into the center of the pool. And don’t feel you are limited to real turtle colors. For design and artistic purposes, AquaBlu turtles come in different colors and even tribal designs. There are even rainbow fusion turtles that gently combine green, yellow and blue.

Mermaid Pool Mosaics

mermaid pool mosaic

There’s just something about mermaids. From Homer's epic poem the Odyssey to Daryl Hannah, mermaids mesmerize us. So it’s not surprising that mermaid pool mosaics lure pool owners and their guests. These great swimming pool centerpieces feature beautiful individual mermaids and mermaids accompanied by turtles or dolphins.

For those with a love of the ocean or who swim like a fish, what could be a more appropriate pool mosaic than a lovely half fish half human mythical being

Medallion Pool Mosaics

medallion pool mosaic

Medallion pool mosaics are strong centerpieces that say a lot about you and your sensitivities. AquaBlu Mosaics offers nearly three dozen different medallions that blend color, sunlight and water to give your swimming pool a distinctive style.

Our medallion collection includes outstanding designs such as sun and moon, blue eight point compass, pinwheel, Baroque and mystic voyage.

Medallions are round and normally look best as a centerpiece in the center of your pool. They are especially impactful if you have rounded or softer edges to surrounding structures or landscapes.

Garden Pool Mosaics

palm tree pool mosaics

If you love nature and growing things, garden pool mosaic centerpieces are an excellent choice. With more than 30 garden pool mosaics to choose from, your centerpiece can be anything from a 3 foot luscious red hibiscus flower to a 5 foot electric blue butterfly.

Like geckos? We have a variety of enchanting gecko pool mosaics in reds, greens and blues.

The garden-themed pool mosaics are a particularly apt design feature if your pool is located in a lawn or there are real gardens or lush landscaping nearby.

Party Time!

fun swimming pool mosaics

If you’re doing a lot of entertaining in your pool, check out our party hardy pool mosaic collection. AquaBlu pool mosaic designs include bikinis, flip flops, beach balls, zories, foot prints, cocktails, swim trunks, leather sandals, a $100 bill and the classic It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere motif.

These fun party symbol centerpieces are all about getting playful and enjoying the good life with friends and family.
Want to know more about pool mosaic centerpieces? Let the experts at AquaBlu Mosaics help you! If you have questions about materials, colors or designs, give us a call at (800) 971-1442 or fill out our contact form. You can also visit our website at https://www.aquablumosaics.com/.

Maybe you would like to create your own one-of-a-kind work of art. If you can imagine it, we can help you design and produce it. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!