Love for Patterns: Tonalite Tile is Here for 2020!

Love for Patterns: Tonalite Tile is Here for 2020!
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Patterned tile is like wallpaper in that choosing the right color, scale and pattern is crucial. Certain tile patterns work in certain room styles. Do it correctly and a patterned tile will have as much impact in setting tone as wallpaper. Effective use of patterned or decorative tiles can create a spectacular design statement.

That’s why we’re happy to announce that AquaBlu has expanded its patterned porcelain tile selection with the addition of more than a dozen compelling new designs from Italian tile manufacturer Tonalite, featuring the Aquarel collection.

The Aquarel collection by Tonalite gives a modern interpretation of a stylistic porcelain tile pattern that has been beloved for hundreds of years. Aquarel’s well-defined edges, with perfectly planar surface and matte finish makes this endearing patterned tile suitable for floors, walls and even pool waterlines.

Curiously, studies show that for floor and wall decoration, the Aquarel tile line has a color impact with a chromatic effect seen in water colors. The visually pleasing nature of Aquarel patterned tile spreads the color to approximate dense shades on the surface giving the tile its depth and overall craftsmanship.

A perfectly placed patterned tile might be just the thing your home needs. The Tonalite Aquarel patterned porcelain tile collection is extremely versatile in its applications. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

patterned porcelain tile for kitchens

Patterned Tile for Kitchens

The Aquarel tile collection is a perfect match for most kitchens. As a patterned tile backsplash, a grayscale tile such as our Elektra Grigio is a nice fit anywhere a touch of creativity is called for, especially if you have light or white kitchen cabinets.

For an injection of color and personality, try our Vega Verde or Elektra Verde patterned porcelain tile by Tonalite. The subtle gray and olive green combination provides an intriguing pallet for the eye to focus in on.

Using decorative tiles with mismatched patterns easily gives kitchen backsplashes or even entire walls a sophisticated, complex look that eliminates the need for paint or artwork.

Patterned Tile for Bathrooms

Blue and white porcelain tile is popular for both bath backsplash and shower walls. We have several in the Tonalite Aquarel collection to choose from: Nekkar Blu, Vega Blu, Sirius Blu, Elektra Blu and Kaus Blu. These intrinsically beautiful porcelain tiles create a look that is polished and European-inspired.

Modern traditional is nice, but don’t be afraid to get a little wild. Bathroom tile patterns are a great way to inject a sense of style and creative flair to your space. It’s your opportunity to select a pattern and color that resonates with your personality and lifestyle.

For a bath wall, especially in a more modern bathroom, consider a neutral color tile as the main element above the sink and cabinet, with a side panel of mixed color patterned porcelain tile such as our Antares Grigio and Polaris Grigio with Vega Verde and Vega Blu.

patterned porcelain tile for floors

Patterned Porcelain Tile for Floors

Tonalite Aquarel decorative tile is as spellbinding to look at with your head down as it is looking straight ahead. Don’t forget your floors when designing with patterned porcelain tile. Floor designs create drama as well as talking points. Introducing patterned or decorative tile on the floor adds strong visual interest and makes the floor the hero of the space.  Choose a pattern that complements surrounding colors and fixtures.

A porcelain tile on a bathroom or bedroom floor in warmer climates helps retain the evening coolness throughout the day while your tile floor feels incredibly pleasant underfoot both day and night.

Generally, it’s best not to mix patterns for floor coverings. But selecting one especially compelling style of grayscale tile can be an excellent choice for smaller dining area, kitchens and baths. Patterned porcelain tile is particularly impactful when used in an entry way that leads to a staircase.

Decorative Tile Patterns for Garden Areas

If you have an area like a terrace outside your house where you commonly replant pots and do other garden projects, you can add a little wow to this area with the Aquarel collection. There’s no reason you have to have a painted, stucco or otherwise boring block wall.

Live a little. Patterned tile and horticulture are natural compliments. Our favorites for these gardening niches are Vega Verde or Elektra Verde (or a mixture of both). These lovely soft green patterned tiles say nature and tranquility. Use them on a full wall or half wall. These tiles, like all the Aquarel line, are frost proof, impervious to liquids and vapors, and resistant to fading, staining and discoloration.

Patterned & Decorative Tile for Pools

It’s true that the bulk of U.S. pool tile for waterlines are either solid blue tile, aqua tile or turquoise tile. But these aren’t the only choices. Patterned porcelain tile waterlines are trending due to their lively detailed designs that pool owners say reach an elevated level of interest when pool waves spill over them.

And, if you are dead set on blue tile for your waterline, AquaBlu’s five different patterned tile designs in blue can fulfill your color preferences as well as provide you with a non-solid pattern that’s equal parts stunning and provocative.

aquarel patterned tile collection


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