New Glow in the Dark Mosaic Designs

New Glow in the Dark Mosaic Designs
by Danielle Major

Love our glow mosaics? New Glow in the dark mosaic designs are here! 

Our ElementGlo pool mosaics now have new designs and sets. Some of the new designs include:


Element Glo Glow in the Dark Mosaics are innovative, hand-made works of art that can be installed within various surfaces, including pools and sidewalks. By day, they provide a colorful contrast to the surface they are installed in and, by night, glow in the dark to seem as though they are floating.

Check out some of these mosaics in action with the video posted above! Feel free to reach out to see via website chat if you have questions about any of these. 

"Incredible how a small detail can make a world of difference in my pool! Love my turtles!" - Jeff F. - Florida