Mosaic Tile D.I.Y. Ideas for Home Improvements

Mosaic Tile D.I.Y. Ideas for Home Improvements
by Danielle Major

DIY home improvement projects have been on the rise in the last few years. Homeowners have found that not only can they handle simple projects themselves, but they thoroughly enjoy the process. With Father’s Day around the corner, what better way to improve your home and provide your loved ones with another fun home upgrade than providing them everything thing they need to get the job done! We’ve compiled a few ideas to consider when getting started.

Give Your Bathroom a Facelift with New Tile

Though a complete tile shower installation is probably better left to the professionals, you can easily add a pop of color and style to your bathroom with a simple backsplash around your sink and other bathroom counter space. Many homeowners pick a favored accent color and match the tile to that, as well as other bathroom accessories, like the Emerald Green 2” x 3” used below. 

bathroom tile remodel

This can be done with glass or porcelain tile, but no matter what tile you pick, it’s very important to choose the best setting materials. Like the foundation of your home, without the right adhesive and grout, your installation can fail. Sticking with a mortar like the Litoelastic Evo tile adhesive is a great place to start.

This high-performance, epoxy-based tile adhesive is made for all environments, interior or exterior, and works with many materials such as glass mosaics, porcelain tiles, and natural and reconstituted stone, and even metal. More importantly, it provides no vertical slip, making installation a breeze for your DIYer!

Setting materials don’t end with adhesive. When installing tile, grout is just as important. Not only does it protect the tile from chipping, but grout can be used to add an extra touch of style to your bathroom’s aesthetic.

glass mosaic tile and grout

Using one of the hundreds of beautiful colored grouts from the Starlike Evo series, you can ensure you’re using top-of-the-line materials and won’t have to sacrifice style. These non-sanded, epoxy-based grouts are flexible, waterproof, easy to clean and maintain.

Upgrade Your Kitchen with a Tile Wall Accent

Similar to updating a bathroom backsplash, adding some style to your kitchen is just as easy. Let’s be honest, a kitchen is the heart of a home, and because of this, it can get messy.

Between food splatter, drink spills, and just general use, it can get dirty pretty quickly. Adding a tile backsplash not only adds a stunning design element to the space, but provides easier, stain-free cleanup. 

kitchen tile backsplash

A popular trend the last few years is the creation of a coffee nook in a home’s kitchen. This space is usually small, but it’s the perfect opportunity to add more style to the room. If considering adding this beloved, java-filled space to your kitchen, take it a step further and add a pop of color with some tile like the Shell Mystic, 1” x 1” glass tile below.

Create One-of-a-kind Home Goods as Décor

Crafting is a hobby loved and cherished by millions around the world. It’s a fun, easy way to get the creative juices flowing and relieve stress. Maybe you and your loved ones love the crafting aspect of a home makeover but you’re nervous about possibly damaging your adored space.

Rest assured, there are plenty of small projects that will add a unique design element to your home and still provide the satisfaction of completing a DIY project. 

mosaic tile art decor

At AquaBlu, we’re blessed to have so many creative customers. We’ve had customers transform plain cabinets into a stunning piece of art made from mosaic tile, some have used their favorite tile to finish the surface of their living room coffee and side tables, and some have even created a stunning chess board to enjoy with their loved ones for a lifetime! The possibilities are endless.

Modernize your Fireplace with Mosaic Tile

Another DIY home project to consider is that of modernizing your home with a tile-faced fireplace.

Whether you’re wanting to create a timeless look with porcelain tile, add a touch of elegance with glass mosaic tile, or even take your home’s aesthetic to another level with patterned mosaic tile, this simple DIY project is sure to become a topic of conversation for all your guests. 

mosaic tile fireplace


Whatever your loved ones DIY dreams, we have everything you need to get your projects started. Contact our AquaPros today at 800-971-1442 and start creating your paradise today!