Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles: We've Got Them and So Should You

Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles: We've Got Them and So Should You
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Dating back to the eighth century, Moroccan fish scales are a staple of contemporary Moorish and Mediterranean style.

The design, inspired by the glistening movement of the gently rolling sea, has become a popular glass mosaic tile used in creative ways for kitchens, baths and interior spaces. Better yet, AquaBlu now carries these compelling scallop-shaped mosaic tiles – the perfect solution for adding interest and texture to any surface.

Our Moroccan fish scale tiles (sometimes referred to as fan tiles) “Soul Collection,” come in 13 colors including aqua tile, blue glass tile, white mosaic tiles, black mosaic tiles, beige glass mosaic tiles and mixed colors. Matte and brushed finishes are also offered.

There are 128 individual 36mm x 29mm chips on each easy-to-install mesh sheet of Moroccan fish scale mosaics. Not only are these trendy glass mosaic tiles stylish, they are also ecologically desirable. Manufactured by Vidrepur, our Moroccan fish scale tiles are made from recycled glass in Spain.

These tiles will stand the test of time with their highly versatile shape, which can be used tips up, tips down or in a swirling wave pattern.

Here’s a few ideas to get your started: 

Kitchen Backsplash

Scalloped fish scale mosaics are slowly swimming their way into modern interiors. These eye-catching glass mosaic tiles are perfect for updating your kitchen.

As a kitchen backsplash, brushed turquoise or blue mix Moroccan fish scale mosaics make excellent use of the space in modern kitchens. This is especially pronounced when set against white countertops and very light cabinets. This is when these mosaic tiles definitely take center stage.

Another great kitchen backsplash idea is using white Moroccan fish scale mosaics. White is not only stylish but it makes your kitchen look bigger and brighter because the mosaic tiles reflect light. White glass mosaic tiles by Vidrepur work with just about any wall or appliance color. Turn the fan tiles point up for additional visual interest.

Bathroom Space

Moroccan fish scale mosaics are a natural fit for bathroom walls. These fish scale mosaic tiles have a calming quality reminiscent of sitting on the bank of a quiet stream watching the ripples from a turtle poking its head out of the water.

Using a single yet striking mosaic tile color that has a number of subtle variations can allow you to produce a striking pearlescent feel throughout your bathroom, giving you a relaxing place to sooth away your stress of the week. Also, by using subtle colors like greens and blues you can blend the colors in a gentle gradation layout to produce a fantastic feature wall.

Consider using aqua tile or blue glass tile about a foot above the bathroom sink line and follow it down to the floor. A powder blue fish tale mosaic tile works well complimented by off-white paint for the upper half of the wall.

Also, if you have a tub, think about using a dark green fish scale mosaic from top to bottom on the two walls that enclose the tub in order to add some drama.

For something a little more glamorous, use a moodier dark-colored fan tile as a backsplash encompassing a modern bathroom sink. 


Whether you’re ready to take the plunge and fit an entire bathroom with this scalloped tile, or just want to do a shower stall, these fabulous mosaic fish scale tiles are nothing short of amazing. 

A popular shower design is using dark blue glass tile in a wide swath running through the shower’s plumbing hardware parts. Above and below the shower head and shower valve, use a beige or even lighter colored subway tile pattern.

Another scale shower idea: Use a cool green or blue Moroccan fish scale mosaic covering all three walls of a shower stall, from top to bottom. This is even more striking if your surrounding walls outside the shower are grey.

Turn the glass mosaic tiles with the tips pointing down and you have what looks like the scales of a mermaid’s tail.

As with the kitchen, white fish scale mosaic tiles on shower walls compliment nearly any design scheme. It’s a charming look that creates considerable visual interest without being overpowering.

Outdoor / Garden

You will also find Moroccan fish scale mosaic tiles in an exterior setting such as a barbecue area or wherever there is outdoor decking. As with glass tile swimming pool waterlines, glass tiles used in exteriors provide considerable benefits, because they are:

  • Water-resistant
  • Frost-proof
  • Resistant to heat, fire and UV rays
  • Great at withstanding sudden temperature changes
  • Low-maintenance and long life span
  • Known for reflecting light in a compelling, prism-like way.

Fish scale mosaic tile in Earth tones look especially good as outdoor exterior wall colors. This includes matte dark grey, matte frappe and frappe matte mix.

Tile Waves

It’s not just the colors that make Moroccan fish scale tiles so desirable – it’s also their pattern adaptability. Arranging the sheets so some of the individual chips are on their sides produces a whole different look. Instead of appearing like scales, these fabulous glass mosaic tiles have an intriguing mystic look -- waves floating through time.

Tile waves can be used as backsplashes for kitchens or bathrooms in artistic designs. Some people have even been known to use this unusual pattern in small floor areas, such as entryways or around built-in bookshelves.

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