Mood Setters: How to Use the Colors of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Mood Setters: How to Use the Colors of Glass Mosaic Tiles
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Glass mosaic tiles have the power to transform a plain surface into an artistic masterpiece popping with boldness and style.

Additionally, mosaic tiles provide flexibility in design, have high visual appeal, last a long time and are easy to maintain. Glass tiles are also better for the environment. In fact, many brands of glass mosaic tiles are made from recycled glass.

The biggest downside to mosaic tiles is this: Due to the incredible variety of glass tiles available today, where do you start?

No two designers think alike. But here are some ideas about color and applications that may inspire you and at least help you get started with important decisions:

The Color Blue

Psychologists say the color blue instills trust, loyalty, inner security, responsibility and honesty. As a design element it’s used to reduce stress, create calmness and a sense of relaxation. This makes the bedroom the perfect backdrop for beautiful blue mosaic tile. But blue glass tile is also a favorite when it comes to pool tile ideas, especially as pool tile waterlines.

But in truth, with the color blue encouraging a mood of clarity, inspiration and relaxation, this is a good mosaic tile option in just about any room. Use it on the shower walls in a bathroom and as a border to compliment the shower. This tile will look lovely as a backsplash in the kitchen, or on an accent wall in an office, flanking a picture window or glass doors overlooking a scenic water view. 

Mix blue glass tile with white and create a design that entices a clear mind.

The Color White

The color white is a color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection. The psychological meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. So it should come as no surprise that hues of white glass mosaic tiles are popular as kitchen backsplashes and other kitchen wall features.

That’s because today’s kitchen is where most people like to gather for fun and social activities. White mosaic tiles create a mood that says no worries, this space is in perfect harmony.

Not only color, but white glass tile patterns also create a “feel” in your busy kitchen. People still enjoy classic white subway tiles because there is something about using subway tiles in the kitchen that make people very nostalgic. If you want white mosaic tiles with some edginess, abandon the staggered brick pattern for the herringbone tile pattern or even a hexagon tile pattern.

The Color Green

The lush green color of compelling glass mosaic tile evokes a sense of quiet balance, regeneration and vitality. Abundantly found in nature, green can represent renewal and good health.

Green mosaic tile is perfect for use in a bathroom to inspire calmness before bedtime and entice energy upon waking. Use a light shade of green glass tile as a wall tile around a soaking tub for creating the ultimate mood for a relaxing and peaceful decor. 

If you want your bathroom to feel like a restful spa, consider a softer sage glass tiles or blue-greens.

The Color Red

The color red denotes energy and passion. Red hues of glass mosaic tile are often used to draw attention. For example, if you’re looking to set a more flattering ambience for your bathroom, you may want to select rosy-colored glass mosaic tiles such as our Fog Salmon glass tile. Rosy hues are often complimentary to different skin tones.

In small doses, mixed with a neutral color, glossy red glass tiles will add a spark to kitchen backsplashes or shower walls. A whole wall of crimson red mosaic tiles is one of the boldest moves known to interior design.

The Color Gray

Gray is usually associated with conservative, quiet, formal or practical. Gray glass mosaic tiles can be particularly impactful in living rooms spaces where an attractive but neutral hue is desired. For example, using a neutral silver gray such as our Galaxy glass tile on the walls allows art, rugs, and other bright accessories in the room to stand out without overwhelming the space.

Earth Tones

Stability and a solid foundation is the message. These colors say natural and simple. From a design perspective, Earth tone mosaic tiles are often used to stabilize, imply common sense, create warmth.

A trend in modern spaces has been to bring the outdoors in. Earth tone glass tile achieves this by creating the feel of an indoor space that is both natural and inviting.

Earth tone glass mosaic tiles with a yellow hue work beautifully as a kitchen backsplash because the yellow tones invite conversation in the warmth of the kitchen. 


The main characteristic of iridescent glass tiles is that they appear to change color depending on the angle of view or illumination. In science this is known as goniochromism. A classic example of this phenomenon is a soap bubble.

Iridescent glass mosaic tiles have many applications, however, the brighter the space, the more the iridescence effect plays into the design. Iridescent mosaic tiles are most commonly used as swimming pool waterlines, showers and backsplashes where natural light is plentiful.

One More Color Tip

Smaller rooms in whites and lighter colors will often appear larger and brighter. Darker colors in a room are a good way to cozy up decor with elegant sophistication. Bottom line, mosaic glass tiles are the perfect way to blend colors and elements to create lovely moods to set your decor.
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