The trend toward metallic tile grout should not be surprising considering the popularity of mosaic tile with metallic elements.

That’s why AquaBlu now offers the Starlike Metallic Grout collection by Litokol, five different shades of metallic epoxy grout (gold, platinum, copper, bronze and rusty) that perfectly complements any mosaic tile with a metallic finish. 

Besides adding a stylish, sophisticated quality to finished tile work, the Starlike Metallic Grout collection also provides these benefits:

  • Stable, consistent coloring
  • Suitable for both exterior and interior applications
  • Easy to install
  • Maximum chemical, stain and UV resistance
  • Formulation allows for simple water cleanup

Our metallic grout not only looks great, it’s also durable. Seamless tile grouting is crucial to ensure continuity of the mechanical, physical and chemical resistance of the entire surface.

Starlike EVO grout is made up of extremely fine sintered quartz micro granules making grout joints stronger than standard grouts and remarkably smooth, which renders it easy to apply.

Here’s a closer look on how to use metallic grouts:

litokol starlike evo gold grout - metallic epoxy grout

Gold Grout

Gold is a versatile tile shade generally used in interiors to create a sense of luxury. This is a particularly good accent color for baths and niches. The variances in gold tones are considerable from glowing yellow golds to warm ambers and rustic antiqued hues. AquaBlu offers a unique 24k gold glass tile called 24k Yellow Gold, and gold grout would undoubtedly be the perfect complement.

Just about all glass tile with gold features can benefit from a gold grout, which in the past was difficult to find, but not any more thanks to the Starlike Metallic Grout collection.

litokol starlike evo platinum grout - metallic epoxy grout

Platinum Grout

Using metallic tone tiles in your home will give a fresh new look to any space, especially if the reflective surface bounces around light. This makes your room appear larger, which is why they’re such a great tool for smaller spaces like kitchen backsplashes and tight areas in bathrooms. Metallic “flavored” tile will naturally make a room look sleek, modern and stylish. It’s a simple way to make a big statement.

Our platinum grout used with AquaBlu’s Galaxy – Silver glass tile, for example, helps to further highlight this outstanding mosaic tile, which makes for an excellent backsplash behind bathroom sinks. Its cool reflective glass surface with platinum grout should also be given serious consideration as an unusual but intriguing pool waterline. 

litokol starlike evo copper grout - metallic epoxy grout

Copper Grout

For years stainless steel was the most common metallic backsplash tile shade used in kitchens. These days, bronze, pewter, brass, copper, iron and tin have become striking alternatives. Like most metals tones, they are compelling and energetic, and an ideal combination for use on kitchen walls and backsplashes.

The warmth of copper-colored mosaic tile is an especially good choice for areas like the kitchen where families gather. Outlined in metallic copper grout, our Copper Bloom and Copper Blast tiles have a strong visual appeal in areas of terra-cotta floors or as accents behind a stove where it can complement your cooktop and range hood.

Or if you have a small wall that’s visible from another room such as what you see through a kitchen pass-through, highlight the wall by tiling it with a metallic copper type tile with matching copper grout. 

litokol starlike evo bronze grout - metallic epoxy grout

Bronze Grout

Bronze tile accents with bronze grout are able to help make a room stand out a little more. If you want something different among all the uniform and organized décor in your home, this could be one of the answers. In the bathroom, for example, you may have sand colored tiles or white wallpaper throughout. Bronze tile accents can help to accentuate a certain part of the room, or just add a little bit of extra character to the areas which feel somewhat dull. Bronze tile/grout features can be bold and loud, adding striking effects to the home. 

Tile with bronze elements set up a beautiful contrast in kitchens with white cabinets or a predominance of white appliances. Consider both our Bronze Blend and Bronze 1” x 1” mosaic tiles with bronze grout.

 A bronze grout with bronze colored tile can also turn heads as a pool waterline especially when paired with blue pool water and white deck. AquaBlu’s Bronze 6” x 6” tiles can be an excellent pool waterline tile.

litokol starlike evo rusty grout - metallic epoxy grout

Rusty Grout

Rust colored tile with matching rusty grout offers an enhanced warmth and further textured look that you can take advantage of in your kitchen or bathroom. Tile with a rust flavor enhances natural materials such as stone or marble by adding a richness that will help you achieve a sleek finish in any space. AquaBlu’s Rust Terra porcelain tile is nicely complemented with rusty colored grout. Rust Terra comes in both 6” x 6” and 3” x 3” size tile.

And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, give our green Rust 1” x 1” glass tile a serious look. This gorgeous tile is not only good looking, it is environmentally responsible made in Spain from 99% recycled glass. And yes, the rusty grout works wonders with metallic green tile as well. 

Metallic Grout On Its Own

In order to create specific atmospheres, metallic grout can also be used with tile that doesn’t have metallic elements. Think of tile as a canvas and tile grout as the paint. The rich warmth of metallic epoxy grout is an innovative option that brings a modern, flashy or hip look to any environment.


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