Make Your Design MAGICAL Using 3D Hexagon Tiles

Make Your Design MAGICAL Using 3D Hexagon Tiles
by Danielle Major

The hexagon is a unique shape with impressive uses.

In nature, this six-sided shape can be found all over due to its efficiency. Bees use hexagon-shaped cells for their hives to squeeze in the most honey with the smallest amount of wasted space. It’s the same reason turtle shells are comprised mostly of hexagons.

We use hexagons for their efficiency too. Nuts and bolts are commonly shaped like hexagons to make it easier for tools to grip onto them. There’s an advanced stitching technique that utilizes them to make sweaters and blankets that are dense and textured.

Hexagon tiles, for another example, are efficient in both their durability and ability to elevate your space.

These six-sided tiles are extremely versatile, as they come in a wide variety of colors, finishes, materials, and sizes. With so many options, you can use hexagon tiles to create the perfect design to match your style and add some unique character to the space.

And now, with Vidrepur, we are bringing you a new style of hexagon tiles.


Vidrepur believes in the magic that exists when you find beautiful things, and it is easy to believe in that same magic when looking at their new collection of glass tiles.

3d hexagon tile

These glass mosaic tiles are available in five MAGIC colors (Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, and Black) with a metallic finish that gives them a bold look. The tiles gleam under the light to create an eye-catching display.

Indeed, each color is bold and stylish. For example, the metallic gold gives the impression of prosperity, luxury, elegance, and emphasizes the quality of the tile. It is a color that adds a sense of richness and warmth to wherever it is added.

The MAGIC Black metallic tile, in comparison, can also show elegance, but it can stand for sophistication as well. The metallic black truly delivers a sleek appearance, something that is used frequently in high-end homes.

In addition to the variety of metallic colors, the MAGIC collection from Vidrepur offers an exciting style of 3D hexagon tiles.

The 3D hexagon tiles stand out both figuratively, thanks to their metallic shine, and literally. They add depth, interest, and texture to your walls or pool with their 3D shape. And you also get all the benefits of the hexagon tiles as mentioned above: the unique, various style options, and durability in the design.

Here are a few examples of how to style the 3D hexagon tiles:

Bringing 3D Hexagon Tiles to the Kitchen

Starting in the kitchen, the 3D hexagon tiles can make a bold impact on the overall look.

For example, if you wanted your kitchen to look modern and sleek, the Magic Black 3D hexagon glass tile would be an excellent choice. Whether you utilize the glass tile for a backsplash or a floor-to-ceiling wall installation, the metallic black finish will certainly create a sense of drama and sophistication. Moreover, the 3D shape is going to add depth, and the honeycomb design comes together to make it unique.

3d hexagon glass tile

Another fun twist to this modern look would be to use colored grout. The brightly colored grout with the dark, metallic tiles would create a beautiful, contrasting work of art.

Or, perhaps, you like your kitchen to have a more rustic appeal, which makes the Magic Bronze 3D hexagon glass tile the better choice. You can even incorporate the tile around your kitchen’s island where the 3D shape would give it an interesting texture.

Bathrooms and 3D Hexagon Tiles

The 3D hexagon tiles are also perfect for your shower walls or the tile surrounding your bath.

3d hexagon tile

Specifically, the Magic Copper 3D hexagon glass tile would be a great option if you want that rustic style. Copper is seen as not only comforting and homely but also expensive, so you can achieve that high-end feel without losing your rustic style. The metallic finish also makes it feel prestigious and adds a nice pop of color.

Again, the 3D tile is going to add that interesting texture and a sense of depth to your walls. It could make the room feel more open. At the same time, the hexagon shape will create that distinct design.

3D Hexagon Tiles in Your Spa and Pool

Your spa and pool are also great candidates for the 3D hexagon glass tiles.

For instance, you can elevate your spa with the Magic Gold 3D hexagon tiles. With the tiles added along the walls or edges of your spa, the 3D shape can give you a unique texture and depth.

Magic 3D Hexagon tiles bring traditional hex designs to new heights. A truly new-age twist to a classic design. Perfect for accentuating your spa, waterline, and feature walls.

Silver is now trending in swimming pools. The neutral color easily satisfies a variety of design tastes. The reflective, mirror-like properties of silver not only enhance the color of the water at the waterline but also provides a greater sense of depth.

Installer Tip: To make the hexagon tile shapes stand out consider using a contrasting grout.

In conclusion, hexagon tiles already elevate spaces with their unique appearance and are versatile enough to fit any style. Adding in the metallic finish and 3D shape only makes them more magical and distinct and expands the possibilities for creating.

So, no matter how you use the 3D hexagon tiles from the MAGIC collection, it promises to be magical.


We hope that you enjoyed this article and it educated you about this new glass mosaic tile trend. When it's time to remodel your home, build a new pool or remodel an existing one - our team of customer success representatives are here to serve. Just call one of our customer success representatives at 800-971-1442.