by Mike Vitori

Despite the ever-growing atmosphere of online shopping, customers may have reservations about ordering larger and heavier items online. However, taking a new approach doesn’t always have to be a skeptical move - it can also be an exciting experience for customers that opens up new possibilities. As with anything, there are advantages as well as drawbacks to shopping online, so we’ve prepared an examination of local and online pool tile distributors to help your make your choice.

Local Tile Distributor

Pros of Using a Local Tile Distributor

  • Supports local economy.
  • No shipping costs when picked up.
  • Able to examine the appearance and look of product samples.
  • Easy returns if product is defective.

Cons of using a Local Tile Distributor

  • Pushy sales people tend to coerce customers into rushed and unsatisfying decisions.
  • May need to drive long distances.
  • Extra costs if renting transportation.
  • Limited selection in stores. Customers may be shown a catalog to choose from in some cases.
  • Sales Tax.
  • Higher prices.
  • No exposure to customer reviews or previous experiences with tiles or the company.
  • Lack of continuity may cause problems if you want to repurchase a design or pattern in the future.
  • In most circumstances, affordable doesn’t guarantee quality.

Online Pool Tile Distributor

Pros of using an Online Pool Tile Distributor

Online shopping doesn’t limit the size and type of purchase you’re making nowadays. Now you can select and order pool tiles without ever leaving home. There are several other additional benefits you can get with ordering pool tiles online.

  • With online sellers having little overhead costs, customers have greater selections at more affordable prices.
  • Samples can be shipped directly to your door when requested.
  • Potentially no sales tax if purchased out-of-state.
  • Customer service is available via telephone, e-mail or live chat to answer all questions and queries.
  • Customers can access a vast selection of designs at the touch of a button to find what’s suitable for them.
  • Customers can seek design inspiration from the application gallery pages.
  • Options can be filtered in terms of style, tile type, colors, etc. to find exactly what you want.
  • Various budgets are accommodated.
  • Customer reviews and experiences can be read via the company’s website or Google.
  • Returns are accepted according to company’s policies and guidelines.
  • Much more enjoyable shopping experience without the hassle of pushy sales people. Customers can take their time and weigh their options before moving forward.

Cons of Using Online Pool Tile Distributors

  • Customers need to wait before receiving product samples.
  • Quotations may take 2-3 business days.
  • Customers may need to pay for shipping.


With better style options and pricing, can you really say that the familiarity of going into your local hardware store is more appealing? Purchasing tiles for your pool online is a completely safe and reliable way to execute each step of your project from the comfort of your home/office, and if you need a physical sample – just ask!  AquaBlu Mosaics also offers customers the amazing option of custom design mosaics for pools. Read more about it here.