Larger Format Tiles: Fewer Grout Lines, More Drama

Larger Format Tiles: Fewer Grout Lines, More Drama
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Oversized format tiles are trending in 2020.

This doesn’t mean smaller tiles will become extinct, but there are benefits to consider with larger tiles when designing kitchen walls, baths and even pools.  

For one thing, if you are after a larger look for your main hall, lobby, room or kitchen then larger format tiles are exactly what you should consider when designing a spacious floor plan. Smaller tiles can actually have the opposite effect and make a room feel over populated and smaller. The reason for this is because the more grout joints that are applied to a floor or wall actually have a restrictive feeling that aesthetically draw the walls closer together.

Also, larger size tile and minimal grout lines can create a smooth look and bring an unexpected drama to your home because of this feeling of spaciousness.

This “larger look” feel of larger tile is why so many luxury end commercial buildings and residential homes go with larger format tiles to both the floor and walls of their premises.

Larger format tiles are also more hygienic. With fewer tiles pushed together, grout lines are reduced, which means less space to store the dirt. This makes for faster and easier cleaning.

Here are a few ideas on how to use glass mosaic tiles that are larger than your standard 1" x 1" format:

Swimming Pool Waterlines

Oversized glass tiles for waterlines can also be a nice alternative to the more traditional sizes. Glass is a prevailing option because of its beautiful transparent body and rich colors. It perfectly reflects sun light. Glass tile also mirrors the movement of water. Larger waterline tiles do all of the above – just more so.

An especially provocative and compelling larger format glass tile for pool waterlines is the new Border Wave Series by Aquatica. These stretched out 6” x 12” glass tiles may soon become the new standard of pool waterline replacing the common 6” porcelain square. Original both in size and design, Border Wave tile becomes a visual centerpiece with its wet colors and aesthetically pleasing wavy lines running the length of each tile. Border Wave glass tile comes in cobalt blue, white, turquoise, grey and green.

Also consider the Moonscape Series from Artistry in Mosaics and its larger format glass subway tiles that are certain to give a boost of interest to any new or remodeled swimming pool. Used for interiors, subway tiles trigger positive responses with its classic good looks. You can expect similar with subway tiles in the featured waterline position of your pool. As a bonus, the added length of a Moonscape Series subway tile can give your pool a roomier dimension.


The bathroom is definitely a key space in the home where larger format tiles can be useful. A greater continuity can be achieved between the floor and the ceiling and with fittings such as the bath and shower. The bathroom is generally thought of as a small domestic spa.  Larger format glass tiles can offer the perfect balance between aesthetics and function.

Of course there are many design possibilities. One that stands out is using large square or rectangular tiles to cover one wall in a bathroom, or using the same tile to have complimentary walls. For example you could use a larger style tile for the wall above your sink, then repeat this pattern for the faucet wall in your shower.

An excellent choice here would be AquaBlu’s new Cloud Series by Aquatica. This beautiful oversized 3” x 9” glass tile has a dreamy, cloud-like look to them with their sophisticated slightly frosted finish and texture. A subway tile, the Cloud Series comes in four swirling color styles: Thunder Glass White on Black, Stratus Glass White on Blue, Cirrus Glass White on White and Arcus Glass White on Brown.

Although a smaller format than the Cloud Series, AquaBlu’s Ocean Series by Artistry in Mosaics also works well in bathrooms as a full wall glass tile, partial wall or as an accent. Our new Dark Blue Blend and Light Blue Blend will add pizazz to a bath with its seductive finish that is glossy, dimpled and iridescent. 


Want a kitchen with a bigger personality? Larger than normal tile can serve as unique pieces for covering peninsulas and kitchen countertops. And, although a true larger format tile (16” x 16”) is not recommended for a backsplash, there are many tweeners available to help supersize just the right look for you.

Take AquaBlu’s new Elegant Glass Series by Aquatica. As the name implies, these 6” x 6” engaging glass tiles bring an elegance and sophistication to any kitchen backsplash. Semi-translucent with an iridescent finish, the color is fired onto the back and radiates through the glass tile, which is then sealed to prevent see-through visibility. These oversized kitchen tiles contrast nicely with regular format tiles used elsewhere in the kitchen or nearby features. Elegant Glass tiles are available in white, turquoise, green and cobalt.

Another good tile for kitchen walls and backsplashes is AquaBlu’s Subway Series by Artistry in Mosaics. Although not particularly larger in format, the Subway Series offers a very large selection of colors including new ones: Blue Patina, Frosted Sky, Jade, Tungsten and Frosted Night.


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