Introducing Studio Redrock: The Evolution of Pool Furniture

Introducing Studio Redrock: The Evolution of pool Furniture
by Cristi Oramas

We are so excited to announce the addition of Studio Redrock luxury concrete loungers to our in-pool furniture line up! This brand partnership sets a new standard for luxury pool furniture design, and the product is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Let’s dive in!

Like AquaBlu, Studio Redrock was started by two men on a mission to provide the best solutions for their customers. Tony and Michael Rodriguez are impassioned craftsmen who have dedicated over 30 years to perfecting their skills in decorative concrete.

The curve 2 pool lounger by studio redrock


In 2017, they made a pivotal decision to combine their extensive experience and launch a premium brand specializing in finely crafted contemporary pool furniture. As a result, Studio Redrock was born. Their primary objective from the outset has been to create comfortable concrete furniture that acts as statement pieces that are not only visually stunning but also offer superior quality and durability.

Quality is essential to AquaBlu, which is why we love the attention to detail provided during the production of these pieces. Each one is precisely handcrafted in St. George, Utah, ensuring thorough attention to detail and maintaining the highest level of quality control throughout the production process.

3 Angle Pool chaises by Studio Redrock installed inside a shallow water pool overlooking another larger, modern pool.


Crafted from ultra-high-strength 14,000 PSI Glass Fiber Reinforced Waterproof Concrete, all Studio Redrock pieces are built to last. They’re meticulously polished using diamond pads to achieve a smooth, touchable finish you’ll love. Enhanced with a clear sealing system, it’s fortified to withstand the harshest outdoor and in-pool environments.

Studio Redrock offers 3 color options for their furniture: Titanium White, Cement (light gray), and Charcoal (dark gray). Unlike many other concrete products that only paint the surfaces of their products, Studio Redrock GRFC concrete is colored through and through ensuring long lasting durability and lasting color.

The Curve Chaise pool lounger in a rustic yet modern pool that looks out into the desert and the mountains.


Crafted from durable Sunbrella fabric, the beautiful headrests come with a factory warranty of 10 years, guaranteeing their resilience even under direct sunlight. This material is also ideal for those looking for a low-maintenance product as all you need to keep it clean is a gentle scrub and mild soap. No installation is required with these luxury headrests as they arrive installed with stainless steal hardware.

The Studio Redrock brand is one we are proud to partner with, and we’re sure you’ll love them too. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the new pool furniture additions and give you the rundown on why you should consider a concrete lounger for your backyard oasis.

the Curve 2 chaise lounger on the pool deck of an ultra modern pool.



Designed for up to 11” of water, the Curve II Chaise Lounger will make a statement on any pool shelf or patio. Its simple lines and fluid-like shape promote a sense of luxury and relaxation. They feature a sleek, thin profile while maintaining the comfortable lounging experience you’re looking for.

The Curve 2 chaise lounger in the titanium white color with gray headrests. They sit on top of a sun shelf in a pool.



For those with a smaller sun shelf, it can be difficult to find in-pool furniture that will work in their space. The Arc Pool Lounge Chair solves this problem. Measuring just 4'2" long and 22" wide, these pool chairs are designed to sit in up to 11" of water and will fit in just about any pool ledge! They offer similar organic lines to the Curve II Lounger, but with a more inclined backrest for a comfortable sitting experience.

The Arc Pool Chairs in Titanium White sitting on a baja shelf. T



The Angle Chaise Pool Lounger is the epitome of modern style. Its sharp, angular lines bring an air of modern sophistication to any space. These loungers are designed to sit in up to 11" of water, so, whether you envision yourself lounging on a Baja shelf or catching some rays poolside, the Angle Pool Chaise will turn heads and get people talking.

The Angle Pool Chaise Lounge Chairs sitting in a shallow pool in the backyard of an ultra modern home.


For those seeking a truly unique, luxury lounger that will stand the test of time, there is no better choice than those crafted by Studio Redrock. No matter the model you choose for your oasis it will surely transform your sun shelf from ordinary to extraordinary.

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