Introducing Bisazza Luxury Mosaic Glass Tile

Introducing Bisazza Luxury Mosaic Glass Tile
by Cristi Oramas

Picture the perfect blend of art and functionality, and you'll find it in the exquisite glass mosaic tiles created by Bisazza, our new partners in high-end design – a union that's set to elevate the aesthetic of interior and exterior spaces everywhere. What started as a small sparkle has ignited into a full-blown expansion, and today the brand boasts an impressive collection of decorative products born from revolutionary materials.

Imagine breezy alfresco living or luxurious indoor spaces - Bisazza's opulent décor and furnishings make it possible with a diverse selection to fit any taste. Luxury is in the details, and twenty-five years have seen Bisazza standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the giants of design, hand-picking top talent from around the world to push creative boundaries. From these partnerships, we've seen an explosion of innovative projects - think oversized event installations, striking architecture, and bold design collections.

A luxury wash room with an open shower facing the changing area. There is a black bench and standing lamp. The walls are covered in a beautiful, matte white and gloss white tile in a delicate pattern.

Architects, artists, designers, and fashion designers - the cream of the crop - choose to partner with this company, and that says everything about its dedication to pioneering ideas. Bisazza's zeal for architectural discovery ignites when boundaries are pushed, and that’s why we are immensely proud to announce that we too have partnered with Bisazza to offer their beautiful collections right here at AquaBlu. 

At Bisazza, elegance meets sophistication in their extensive selection of high-end décor and custom glass tile designs, guaranteed to bring a touch of refinement to any space. At the intersection of haute couture and heritage lies their exquisite aesthetic, where streamlined modernity fuses with indulgent nuance to yield an effortlessly opulent presence.

A modern bedroom wall covered in a circular pattern glass mosaic by Bisazza.

Founded by Renato Bisazza in 1956 in Alte, Vicenza, Northern Italy, Bisazza has grown into a pioneering force in the design industry. With an innate sense of agility, the company adapts to the rhythms of the global market, leveraging modern technologies to hit the mark time and again, intuitive about what's coming next.

From European-style hubs to the concrete jungle of New York, Bisazza has established a stunning retail presence in four premier locations – London, Milan, Paris, and New York – in addition to working closely with over 2,800 local retailers worldwide. Luxury décor and mosaic design connoisseurs immediately recognize this prestigious brand, and its far-reaching presence cements its stellar reputation. 

Here are the new Bisazza collections at Aquablu! We're absolutely thrilled with these and think you will be too!

A bright, geometric and abstract pattern tile mosaic on a wall using various colors from orange to green, to blue, and yellow. There is an ultra-modern egg chair in front of it.

Discover the Exquisite Le Gemme Collection

Behind every piece in the Le Gemme Collection lies a brilliant fusion of classic artisanal skills and innovative design elements. Each glass chip in this collection is meticulously handcrafted to create luxurious, unique tesserae that will transform any indoor or light-traffic outdoor living space into a vibrant masterpiece.

At the heart of the Le Gemme collection lies a centuries-old secret: a proprietary blend of aventurine and colored enamel granules that gives each mosaic an unmistakable flair, shimmering with an inner light that never goes out of style. The secret to these tesserae lies in their composition: delicate copper crystals and sparkling metal oxides. The result? A mesmerizing golden flame effect that illuminates every piece with an otherworldly glow.

Far more than a mere product, the Le Gemme collection represents an extraordinary fusion of luxury and tradition, offering unparalleled artistry for your home.

A sauna completely tiled in warm brown and gold tile by Bisazza.

Dive into the Vibrant Elegance of the Opera Collection

Explore the Opera Collection by Bisazza, where transparent glass mosaic tiles burst with vivid colors, creating a symphony of hues in every 1" x 1" tile. These mosaics blend rich, saturated tones with delicate semi-transparent shades, resulting in a one-of-a-kind visual experience. Perfect for enhancing the luxury and elegance of pools, spas, kitchens, and bathrooms, the Opera collection captures the fluid beauty of water in its design.

Bring the exceptional craftsmanship of Italian design into your indoor or outdoor spaces and let the bold, artistic spirit of the Opera collection elevate your home with unparalleled sophistication and style.

A close up shot of a bathroom wall with light blue tile from the Opera collection used as a backsplash.

Embrace the Elegance of the Miscele 20 Collection by Bisazza

Step into the world of the Miscele 20 Collection by Bisazza, where every tile is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and timeless style. Indoor or outdoor, these small glass tiles zap spaces with vibrancy, marrying crisp contemporary style to explosive pops of color. 

The alluring assembly of vivacious colors and textured surfaces of this collection redefines style in pools, spas, kitchens, and bathrooms alike. Intricate tile designs spring to life with an expressive mosaic of carefully cut, artisanal glass squares, blending an aesthetic refinement with rock-solid construction. 

Transform your space into a modern paradise with the dynamic elegance of the Miscele 20 Collection. Experience the trendsetting design and sophisticated charm of these ultra-unique designs.

A stunning all glass tile pool using blue tile from the Miscele 20 collection.

Discover the Smalto Collection: Small Format Glass Mosaic Tiles 

The Smalto Collection by Bisazza drops jaws with its small-but-mighty mosaic glass tiles that dazzle with saturated hues and flashes of light. There's a certain je ne sais quoi to Bisazza's tiles, a sense of style and sophistication that's evident in every intricately crafted piece that leaves their workshop. The artisans at Bisazza enrich the glass with enamel granules, creating a captivating, flamed effect in every chip, resulting in mosaics that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Perfect for enhancing pools, spas, kitchens, and bathrooms, the Smalto series transforms any indoor or outdoor space with unparalleled beauty and elegance. Envision waking up to sparkling shades of blue and green that dance across your walls, letting these fabulous mosaics convert your space into a cozy retreat. 

Dark gray tile from the Smalto collection covering the entire surround of a bathtub and extends out to the floor.

Transform Your Space with the Vetricolor 20 Collection by Bisazza

Dream about your home with the vivid vibrancy of the Vetricolor 20 Collection by Bisazza. These small-format glass tiles bring a splash of color and timeless elegance to any setting, from kitchen backsplashes and shower walls to pool waterlines. 

Renowned for their rich, bold hues, each tile in the Vetricolor series is crafted through the fusion of oxides with glass, resulting in a spectrum of striking colors. The addition of sand during the coloring process imparts a unique sand-blasted effect, adding depth and dimension to every glass chip.

Improve your indoor and outdoor living areas and redefine your experience of color with the exquisite Vetricolor 20 Collection. Discover the transformative power of these beautiful mosaics. 

A close up shot of a bathroom backsplash using dark tile from the Vetricolor 20 collection. There is a mirror that is also completely tiled but in a bright white/silver tile.

Discover the Radiant Gloss Collection by Bisazza

We love the refined elegance of the Gloss Collection by Bisazza. These exquisite small-format glass mosaic tiles are crafted with meticulous detail, featuring a bold iridescent finish that exudes sophistication and charm. Ideal for pools, spas, kitchens, and bathrooms, the Gloss collection transforms any space into a stunning visual masterpiece.

Whether you're designing a tranquil backyard oasis or updating your kitchen backsplash, the Gloss series brings unparalleled beauty and style to your indoor or outdoor areas. Its radiant finish and luxurious appeal make a lasting impression, elevating your home's aesthetic to new heights.

A close up of a bathroom with walls completely covered in tile from the gloss collection.

Note: All these collections are recommended for areas with light foot traffic, such as private residential rooms. It is not suitable for outdoor floors or high-traffic commercial flooring. 


In conclusion, Bisazza mosaics stand as a pinnacle of artistic and technical achievement in the realm of luxury decor. Founded on a rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship dating back to 1956, Bisazza has consistently pushed the boundaries of mosaic design, blending traditional techniques with cutting-edge innovation. They don't merely adorn spaces; they transform them into works of art.

What sets Bisazza apart is not just their aesthetic appeal, but also their versatility and functionality. Whether adorning the walls of prestigious hotels, enhancing the ambiance of luxurious spas, or adding a touch of elegance to private residences, Bisazza mosaic tiles bring a sense of opulence and sophistication wherever they are installed.

The diverse range of collections, from the bold and vibrant colors of the Gloss and Vetricolor series to the intricate and luxurious designs of the Le Gemme and Opera collections, cater to a wide spectrum of design preferences and architectural styles.

A beautiful dining room wall covered in Bisazza tile un a geometric pattern.

Moreover, Bisazza's commitment to sustainability and innovation underscores their leadership in the industry. By incorporating environmentally friendly practices into their manufacturing processes and continually investing in research and development, Bisazza ensures that their mosaics not only meet but exceed the highest standards of quality and durability.

Furthermore, Bisazza's collaborations with renowned designers and artists from around the world have resulted in iconic installations and collections that have left an indelible mark on the world of design and architecture. These partnerships reflect Bisazza's dedication to creativity and their ability to anticipate and respond to evolving trends in the global market.

A beautiful mural on a patio wall showcasing intricate sun motifs using Bisazza tiles.

In essence, Bisazza mosaics are not just decorative elements; they are expressions of luxury, innovation, and timeless beauty. Whether used in residential, commercial, or public spaces, Bisazza mosaics elevate interiors and exteriors alike, embodying the essence of Italian craftsmanship and design excellence. As they continue to inspire and captivate with their unparalleled artistry, Bisazza remains at the forefront of the luxury mosaic industry, setting standards that define modern elegance and sophistication.

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