by Mike Vitori

The popularity of digital print glass tiles has grown exponentially over recent years. Thanks to advancements in printing technology, new applications like these are now bringing new approaches and opportunities for homeowners to express themselves through their home. Digital print glass tiles can create impressive mosaics for kitchen backsplashes, flooring, and even on countertops to create an entirely new atmosphere in the room.

Go natural with wood grain textures, marble, and stone; create landscapes, abstract art, or your favorite pictures of whatever you want that can be digitally printed on glass tiles for your home.

Advantages of Printed Glass Tiles

From a distance, the quality of digital print glass tiles can mimic oak, mahogany, granite, river rocks, or polished marble, yet because the tiles are made out of glass, they are much more lightweight, and it many cases more durable and easier to maintain than the real materials.

These advantages are multiplied when a home with a large kitchen space needs to be filled. A fifteen-foot long section of digital print glass tiles will only take a fraction of the time to install when compared with actual marble or stone. This is not just due to how light it is to handle, but also because it is much easier to cut and fill in gaps that are unique to your kitchen.

Realistic and Beautiful Work

These tile mosaics are yours to play with and incorporate based on your personality and creativity, not pre-made and predetermined patterns. For example, you could turn your kitchen backsplash into works of art. The glass tiles provide a stunning surface that can amplify the natural patterns and mosaics with complimentary lighting from a well-lit kitchen.

Mosaic glass tiles add an affordable and accessible way to transform your kitchen from ordinary to luxury, and are something that will have all guests asking about.

Premium Quality

Exquisite customization that was once impractical as a new homebuyer can be within reach with three fundamental styles of mosaics, with so much texture and color that would normally be reserved for a lucky few. Splendid radiant wood mosaic glass tiles can be utilized to make smooth monochromatic planes or blend and-match designs in your own home. Details of the wood grain are easily seen on the surface of the glass tile, just like a real wood plank.

Marble is of course one of the most popular choices, for obvious reasons, and it also the most accurate mosaic as glass tiles make for the perfect reflective surface when paired with the detailed digital print of marble texture and coloring. Picture how dramatic a marble printed glass tile backsplash would be on your average ordinary kitchen. It can truly transform it and, as an added bonus, increase the value of the home, too.