Illusions: New Hexagon Tile for Pool Waterlines

hexagon tile for pool waterlines
by AquaBlu Mosaics

In our ongoing search to bring customers new and useful products, AquaBlu introduces the new Illusion Series by Aquatica.

The Illusion Series features 15 mosaic tile selections in small format hexagon and staggered rectangular patterns. And for the first time ever, the hexagon mosaic glass tiles can be purchased pre-cut for pool waterlines! One sheet is perfect for two linear feet of waterline, 6 inches high. The cutting of hexagon tile represents an industry innovation!

hexagon tile waterline

Additionally, the Illusion Series offers collections of brightly colored mixed chips and others with a more subdued color palate of a pastel mix. Both color ranges are made of iridescent glass designed for outdoor water features as well as interior applications such as kitchen backsplashes, bath/shower walls and special accent areas.

The Illusion Series also provides these benefits for all tiles:

  • Resistant to fading
  • Resistant to staining and discoloration
  • Impervious to liquids and vapors
  • Frost proof
  • Mesh mounted and ready to install

Here’s a closer look:

blue hexagon tile

Hexagon Glass Tile

Hexagonal tiles, also known as honeycomb tiles, are six-sided, tessellating tiles capable of adding geometric style to any home. This shape is found commonly in nature, from bees’ honeycombs to the interlocking basalt columns that comprise the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland. 

Naturally charismatic, hexagon tiles are sure to have a significant impact on the overall style of any interior space. The unusual shape of these mosaic tiles are popular with homeowners who want to add character to their interiors, especially in the kitchen and bath.

As a kitchen backsplash, consider our Black Hexagon Mosaic Glass Tile mix or the Blue Hexagon Mosaic Glass Tile mix. In these Illusion collections you will find a compelling mix of:

Hexagon kitchen tiles make for a quirky, contemporary visual that combines drop-dead good looks with minimal maintenance.  

In bathrooms, hexagonal tiles are equally at home applied to vanity areas as well as shower walls and features. If you’re looking for a more tranquil feel in your bath, take a look at the Illusion collection in green, grey and silver. The beautiful pastel color mixes can create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. 

green hexagon tile for pool waterlines

Hexagon Glass Tile (pre-cut)

If you’re looking for pool tile ideas for a pool tile waterline, consider the Illusion Series pre-cut hexagon glass tiles. This innovative new product has just made installing pool waterlines much easier because each 12” sheet is cut in half so that two perfectly cut 6” sections are ready to be put in place on new pools or refurbished ones.

As with interior applications, the hexagon format also plays in swimming pools and other water features because the honeycomb shapes emulate the beauty of nature. Add to that the charming luminous quality of glass tile and its superior color retention qualities.

Integrated into pool lighting at night for dramatic effect you can regulate its transparency due to the light reflective properties of glass.

The most popular pool waterline color is blue because people find this color soothing for its tendency to enhance relaxation. Blue is also reminiscent of the sky and ocean, elements that offer inspiration and put us in a comfortable state of mind.

Additionally, blue glass tiles are preferable by many pool owners because blue tiles contribute to giving pool water a desirable blue.

The Blue Hexagon pre-cut tile checks all of these boxes and then some with its stylish glimmer and shine.

rectangular glass tile

Rectangular Glass Tile

The Illusion rectangular format (1” x 2”) glass mosaic tiles also offer an outstanding color mix in black, blue, green, grey and silver collections.

Like mini subway tiles, the staggered tile pattern can especially add interest to niche areas and smaller spaces under kitchen cabinets. The key here is creativity. The common way of staggering tiles is horizontally but you can add a not-too-trendy and stylish twist to your project by staggering them vertically. Doing this rotates the widening effect your kitchen receives when set horizontally.

Though not commonly known, The staggered rectangular glass pattern is capable of hiding imperfections. For instance, if you are having crooked walls or uneven surfaces, this pattern will go a long way to hide all these defects.

Also, the staggered rectangular glass pattern impacts perceptions of kitchen cabinets and appliance doors, which usually look sharp and angular. A staggered pattern adds extra texture and softness to the overall setting.

Additionally, just like standard subway tile, these staggered minis are certain to make your kitchen design more elaborate.

The color blends of the Illusion staggered rectangular patterns also offer a different take on the standard white or grey subway tile motif. This unexpected color jolt can liven up a kitchen.

Colorful staggered rectangles blend in especially well with four pendant lights, double-tier breakfast bars with glass counters, and with retro-style furniture such as stools.

The staggered rectangular pattern also works well in baths. The more subdued colors like silver, grey and green blend in nicely with just about any bathroom design. But don’t overlook the possibilities with the more vibrant blue and black collections. These tiles contrast handsomely in bathrooms featuring walls and floors of the more neutral colors such as white or grey.


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