Glass Tile Bathrooms: Taking a Star Turn

Glass Tile Bathrooms:  Taking a Star Turn
by AquaBlu Mosaics

A beautiful bathroom design with glass tile can transform a plain space into a standout sanctuary. A glass tile bathroom can take a star turn – even in a small space.

Glass tiles offer a unique look and unmatched shine compared with other materials for bathroom floors, walls and countertops. These gorgeous translucent tiles can add an unusual effect of depth to surfaces that's unlike any other material. That’s because glass has a rich quality that allows you to see the color all the way through which provides an additional sense of depth and dimension.

Glass bathroom tile also reflects the light around it, helping to lighten and brighten any area where it is installed, making it the perfect addition to bathrooms and showers where natural light is often scarce.

Glass tiles come in a wide variety of different sizes, styles, shapes and colors, ensuring they can fit into any bathroom design. Use them sparingly such as accent borders and stripes, or blanket entire walls. Your only limit is your creativity.

There is a lot more to like about glass mosaic tiles for the bathroom, including:

  • Glass mosaic tile is impervious to water
  • Glass mosaic tile will not stain
  • Mosaic glass tile is resistant to mildew and allergens
  • Because glass tile reflects light, it makes showers appear larger
  • Glass tile is relatively low maintenance; all you need to keep it clean is window cleaner and a cloth, making it an ideal choice for the shower where you will experience soap build up that needs to be cleaned regularly

Need more inspiration? Consider these glass tile bathroom ideas to help you create compelling designs:

Glass Tile Bathrooms

Glass tiles can be very striking, particularly when used in combination with stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles. As a backsplash, one popular glass mosaic tile application is using a border between the sink and mirror – especially if you have a long mirror. If there are large spaces on either side of the mirror and above it, consider applying glass tile on the entire wall.

White glass mosaic tile is impressive here if you have darker tones in your bath, particularly shades of gray. And, if you have the space, add yet another dimension by using eye catching patterns such as subway tile, fish scale tile or a herringbone tile pattern. 

Glass Tile Showers

There are several approaches to using mosaic glass tile in a shower. One popular approach is to run one or two colorful horizontal stripes with matching glass tile covering your shower bench seat or using it inside a recessed niche.

Another application is to go all-out and cover one or more walls of your shower with glass tile. Smaller 1” x 1” glass mosaic tile chips often work best. Blue glass tile and aqua tiles are still favorites in swimming pools and showers, but don’t be afraid to break the blue tile barrier for something with a jolt. Waken up comatose showers with a mix of brown, gold and tan glass tiles in linear patterns such as AquaBlu’s Hot Planet glass mosaic tile or the slightly more subdued Tidal Creek.

One exciting new approach to glass tile showers makes use of iridescent tile. This shimmering glass tile looks good with full coverage of shower walls. Iridescent tiles in blue blends create a refreshing shower environment. One stunning trend is to cover the bottom of shower walls with a non-iridescent blue tile blend that gradually becomes iridescent tile.

Glass Tile Accents

Consider making an accent wall out of glass tiles either in the shower, behind the vanity or on another prominent wall in the bathroom.

To make glass tile accents pop, choose a lighter, calmer color for the surrounding tiles in the space. If the accent wall is far away from other tiled wall areas in the bathroom, use the glass tiles as a border or small wall panel, such as the back of a tiled niche, in the other areas to tie the two spaces together.

Glass Tile Floors

Many types of glass tiles are suitable for floor use. Dramatic statements are made in a bathroom by covering the floor with a brightly colored glass mosaic tile, especially in smaller bathrooms. In larger bathrooms, you may prefer to limit the number of glass tiles as a kind of floor accent. You may want to pick up the same color and design used with backsplashes or wall accents to help create a cohesive glass tile bathroom design. These strips of floor mosaic glass tiles work well in front of a vanity, tub or shower.

Shower floors can also be done in glass mosaic tiles. However it’s best to use smaller glass tile chips, which require more lines of grout. This helps with traction and prevents a slippery shower floor.

Custom Glass Mosaics

And don’t forget the custom mosaic tile option for putting even more personality into your glass tile bathroom. As with pool mosaics, you can incorporate dozens of different ready made or custom ordered mosaic tiles into showers, vanities, floors and backsplashes. There’s everything from mermaids and tropical fish to butterflies and geckos. Got a special mosaic tile in mind? AquaBlu can do that, too.


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