Floating Luxuries® Shelf Lounger vs. Ledge Lounger® Signature Chaise

Floating Luxuries® Shelf Lounger vs. Ledge Lounger® Signature Chaise
by Danielle Major

We frequently write about different tile options and how they can elevate your pool’s style to the next level, but your pool’s accessories, especially the floats and chairs you pick, are just as important.

Luxury pool floats and pool lounge chairs are another way to showcase your unique personality and add that additional touch of style. They can also offer you extra comfort whether you’re lounging to tan or floating along with the waves.

And when it comes to choosing the right pool float or pool lounger, there are many available on the market.

Today, we will be looking at Floating Luxuries’ Kai Shelf Lounger and Ledge Lounger’s Signature Chaise. 

Floating Luxuries’ Kai Shelf Lounger



Starting with the new and improved Kai Shelf Lounger, this stylish pool lounge chair comes as a set of two beautiful white chairs. This light color will not only keep the chairs cool, but the color white also represents gracefulness, elegance, and simplicity.

Additionally, each pool lounge chair is designed with your comfort in mind. The Kai Shelf Lounger measures 73.5” long, 29” tall, and 26.5” wide for true resort width. Likewise, this lounger was created with an enhanced ergonomic design to provide the maximum level of comfort while you lounge. 

In particular, the Kai Shelf Lounger had your comfort and convenience in mind when it added the phone and cup holder.

The integrated phone holder is located at the headrest, keeping your phone in reach but far enough from the water to keep your device safe. It’s also at the perfect height to enjoy your music. Similarly, the integrated cup holder keeps your drink right within arm’s reach.pool-lounger-with-cup-holder 

The Kai Shelf Lounger also has a conveniently integrated drain port in the middle of the chair. This prevents pollen and water from collecting on the chair and causing discoloration when stored outside of the pool.

Furthermore, this luxury pool lounge chair is made 100% in the USA from all U.S., high-quality materials.

Constructed of durable Medium Density Polyethylene with a UV rating of UV 20+, the Kai Shelf Lounger can withstand more than 20,000 hours of sun exposure. This will prevent the color from fading or cracking, keeping your pool lounge chair looking stylish and sleek for many years.



Importantly, the Kai Shelf Lounger is designed to be easier to set up than other pool lounge chair sets.

The Kai Shelf Lounger is intended for use in up to 9” of water, typically placed on a tanning ledge or Baja shelf. After positioning the lounger on the tanning ledge or shelf, you can fill it via the convenient, large fill hole at the top of the chair with a hose. Once the water starts to run out of the side vents, the chair is ready for use. 

Ledge Lounger’s Signature Chaise



Next, Ledge Lounger’s Signature Chaise comes as a single luxury pool lounge chair but has 12 colors available to choose from. If you wanted to stick with a more modern style, you could choose Granite Grey or White. You could pick a warm, invigorating color like Coral or a relaxing, elegant color like Dark Blue. 

This pool chaise lounge measures 70” long, 22” tall, and 23” wide. Its contoured design provides comfort and support while you lean back and relax. Of course, the chair’s design also creates a sleek, modern appearance.

The Signature Chaise is also made of high-quality materials that can withstand the sunshine and the weather and chemicals found in your pool and the environment.

With its UV16 rated resin, this pool lounge chair can withstand up to 16,000 hours of direct sunlight and is color stabilized. Thus, no matter which color you pick, you can enjoy it for many years. 


Though the Signature Chaise is also intended for use in 9” of water, their pool chaise lounge chair uses a threaded plug system to set up.

After removing the bottom two plugs, the pool lounge chair is placed upside down and completely submerged in the pool. Once it fills, the chair should be rocked under the water to get rid of air bubbles. Finally, you will reinstall the plugs while it’s still under the water and pull it into position on your tanning ledge.

The chair should be moved carefully to avoid scratching or damaging your pool or chair. Once it’s in position, you can sit back and enjoy it. 

Comparing the Two In Pool Lounge Chairs

Now that we have looked at both luxury in pool lounge chairs, let’s break down a few comparisons.

1. Design of the Chair – Colors and Dimensions

As mentioned, Ledge Lounger’s Signature Chaise offers 12 colors while the Kai Shelf Lounger is currently only stocked in white. At the time of writing this article, custom colors are available for the Kai Shelf Lounger for an additional fee – please contact AquaBlu Mosaics for details.

The variety of stock colors for the Ledge Lounger does allow for more customization to fit your style. You can pick colors that match your pool’s current look or pick several colors to give your pool a unique appearance. 


Nevertheless, white is a popular color for its ability to pair well with other colors without clashing. It also emphasizes the pool lounge chair’s sleek design and promotes feelings of radiance and perfection. 

And though both chairs share a similar design, the Kai Shelf Lounger is taller, longer, and wider. It also features a new ergonomic design that contours the body. This plus the extra space may be argued to provide a more comfortable experience. The base of the Kai Shelf Lounger is also squared off, unlike the Signature Chaise. This anti-rocking base provides additional stability and comfort, in the knowledge that the pool lounge chair will not rock or move with you on it.

2. Added Convenience Features

A major difference between the two pool lounge chairs is the addition of the phone and cup holder in the Kai Shelf Lounger.

It takes Floating Luxuries’ chair to the next level. It’s no longer just a pool lounge chair for your tanning ledge but an all-in-one relaxation stop. The things you want to have with you are right within reach while also far enough away from the water to avoid damage, and you don’t have to worry about buying additional tables or floating cup holders.

3. Materials

Not only is the Kai Shelf Lounger made completely in the USA with U.S. materials, but it also uses a higher UV resistant material. 

While the Signature Chaise uses UV16 rated resin, the Kai Shelf Lounger is made of UV20+ rated Durable Medium Density Polyethylene. As a result, the Kai Shelf Lounger can withstand sun exposure for over 4,000 more hours than the Signature Chaise. 

This will extend the life and color of your pool lounge chair, ensuring you can enjoy its style for many years. The Kai Shelf Lounger can withstand exposure to the sun for over 10 years. 

4. The Set-Up Process

As stated, the Kai Shelf Lounger has an easier setup than other pool lounge chairs, including the Signature Chaise. This is due to the large fill port and ventilation holes that prevent air pockets while filling.

Instead of having to completely submerge the chair and drag it into and out of the deeper water, it can easily be positioned where you want it before filling it simply with a garden hose. This easier process is more convenient, but it also takes away the risk of damaging your chair or pool when pulling the full chair into place.

All in all, both pool lounge chairs offer a comfortable seat with a sleek design that keeps you cool and comfortable without being fully submerged. The Signature Chaise offers a variety of colors while the Kai Shelf Lounger presents an easier setup, larger chair, and additional convenience features. 


If you would like to see the Kai Shelf Lounger for yourself, please check it out here on our website. If you have any additional questions about pool lounge chairs or luxury pool floats or anything else, please reach out to our customer success representatives at 800-971-1442.