With the end of summer approaching, we wanted to share another beautiful,featured pool tile project with our amazing customers.

In August, our wonderful customer Arbi from Tujunga, California, transformed their backyard into a gorgeous family-friendly paradise. Adding a pool and spa was just what the family needed to create an outdoor space they could all share and love. Check out the stunning results!

Installation of the Pool and Spa Project

We spoke with Arbi and conducted a quick interview with her to find out more details about the installation of her mosaics and pool. 

Who were your contractors?: "A various group of independent contractors and my family".

Tell us your story: "We decided to build a pool during June of last year ( Before Covid). Shortly after we started to go though the permit process, we realized that we need a soil report as well. The whole soil report and permit process took us over 10 months. The construction took another 6 months as well. It sure was a very grueling process to say the least. We finally got the pool and spa done by end of August 2021. The kids love it so much! We also love our Mermaid medallion we purchased from AquaBlu."

Mermaid Pool Mosiac

Mosaic Products used: 

Why did you select this tile or these AquaBlu products to use with your project?: "Mermaid Medallion is exceptionally so beautiful - its truly one of a kind"

Were you satisfied with the products you used? "YES! 5 STARS - Definitely recommend it." 

See more photos of this beautiful swimming pool mosaic project: 

 swimming pool mosaic mermaid

Pool Mosaic

Fish pool mosaic

 Build your own paradise with a pool mosaic 

Thinking about creating your own paradise? We can help!

We have a super talented team here at AquaBlu that can answer all your questions about anything from pool mosaic installs to how to finish your pool in glass tile! Feel free to reach out to us via email, phone or our smart chat built on our website

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