Express Yourself with Compelling Waterline Pool Tile

Express Yourself with Compelling Waterline Pool Tile
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Waterline swimming pool tile is a band of tile set directly under the coping (deck cap) that has an important role in keeping your pool in tip-top shape.

Over time, calcium deposits and mineral buildup can form around the perimeter of your pool, due to hard water. This permanent white ring can be hard to remove, and detracts from the pool’s overall appearance. Additionally, waterline tile helps prevent pollen, sunscreen, body oils, and other substances that enter the water from creating a yellow, scummy line at the pool’s waterline.

Besides all that, waterline pool tile presents an opportunity to express your individuality in making your swimming pool aesthetically pleasing as well as unique with various glass mosaic tile possibilities.

Here are a few mosaic tile ideas to get you started in customizing your pool waterline:

Fun with Basic 6” x 6” Tile

Pool tile for sale commonly comes by the box or the square foot, with four 6” x 6” chips per square foot. Larger 6” x 6” tiles on the waterline are convenient because there’s less maintenance and fewer grout joints. 

But that’s where the normalcy might end. The standard can become your personal stamp with a little creativity. For example, rather than use porcelain tiles for your waterline, try glass mosaic tiles. Glass mosaic tiles can offer a clean, iridescent appearance.

If you’re aiming for a custom look, glass mosaic tiles are a classic option for creating a customized tile design in your swimming pool. The reflections of glass tile can be brilliant underwater. Some have an iridescent coating that shimmers with the change of light and water flowing over the surface.

Glass tile comes in a wide range of colors. Even if you prefer the most popular waterline color – blue mosaic tile – there are many different blues with different intricate designs. For example, the Cobalto 6” x 6” blue tile is a gorgeous dark blue featuring a unique 3 Dimensional wave texture. Similarly, the Cielo 3” x 3” tile is a lighter blue with even a more pronounced wave texture.

But who says you have to use blue mosaic tile? Aqua tiles are a refreshing change, and they are especially popular with designers for their relaxing, calming effect. Aqua tiles can transform pool water into a more natural appearing body of water.

White mosaic tile is also a game changer. White mosaic tile in the pool gives a sensation of purity, relaxation and harmony. White mosaic tile also gives pool water a pleasing sky blue color. Additionally, white mosaic tile is easy to match to the colors of your surrounding landscape, and tends to make pools look brighter and more spacious.

Great Shapes

Waterline mosaic tiles can be just about any shape. Subway tiles, for instance, popular on interior walls and backsplashes, also make for an interesting waterline with their elongated, classic appeal. Glass subway tiles come in an assortment of colors, from white to earth tones. Blended colors like the blue and gray Aspen glass subway tile can really spice things up poolside.

Many other glass mosaic tile shapes, such as hexagon tile, arabesque tile, herringbone pattern tile and mixed also go a long way to punch up a pool waterline while making a statement that there’s nothing ordinary about you or your poolscape.

Way to Glow

If you really want to go for something different, consider the glow in the dark mosaic glass tile Fireglass Series. If you missed out on the blacklight disco dancing era, here’s pool tile for sale that will help make up for it. This provocative mosaic glass tile comes in mostly cool colors of various designs that release a glow at night that is either blue green or intense blue.

Besides unusual, a glow in the dark waterline can serve as a safety feature for night swimming and is also perfect for borders and accents.

Digital Printing

The ultimate in waterline mosaic tile personalization is digital printing. Got a favorite pet? Photos of the family? Do you have a specific design in mind?  Or maybe you have a thing for cards, peacocks or backscratchers? Anything or anyone special to you can be custom printed onto 6” x 6” tiles.

Digitally printed tiles offer a unique way to add any type of pattern or color to your swimming pool. Custom tiles allow you to choose designs and colors based on your personal preference and create the ambience you desire in and around your swimming pool.

Whatever you can imagine, AquaBlu Mosaics can create for you. It’s just a matter of filling out our custom mosaics form to get things going and receive a free quotation.
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