Discover the Beautiful World of SICIS Mosaic Glass Tile

Discover the Beautiful World of SICIS Mosaic Glass Tile
by Danielle Major

‘Never stop" is the motto behind this highly regarded mosaic manufacturer. It’s one of the reasons why AquaBlu couldn’t be prouder to announce that we have added SICIS to our product selection! SICIS offers unparalleled innovation; always pushing to better its production processes and create the ultimate luxury materials for your home or business. 

History of SICIS 

This brand is the epitome of rags to riches story. Starting out in an old, abandoned house in 1987, Maurizio Leo Placuzzi founded the brand with a single vision: To make great work that everyone will recognize. In fact, the brand name, SICIS, is an acronym for “Sic Immensos Clarosque Inceptos Somniavi,” meaning, “I also dreamed of grandiose and amazing adventures.”, a fitting name if ever there was one!

Their first high-profile international order was for the Saudi Sheikh Al Gosaibi and was the catalyst that helped the brand transform into what it is today. The marble floors, made with the traditional techniques of Roman mosaic, are masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship of the highest quality.

The success of this project pushed the brand to attend its first fairs including Coverings, here in the US. With their presence finally professionally recognized internationally, they expanded into glass tile, making sure to continue to use the traditional artisan techniques that make the brand what it is.  Entering the world of glass mosaic tile pushed the company into the world of luxury coverings, allowing the brand to make a name for itself worldwide. 

history of sicis tile

Becoming the leading name in high luxury glass tile

Headquartered in Ravenna, Italy (the historical capital of mosaic tile), this brand holds true to tradition, allowing the history and culture of the area to inspire the development of their one-of-a-kind materials. 

High-quality craftsmanship can be found in every piece of SICIS tile. Holding true to the value of ‘hand-made’ artistry, these stunning glass mosaics are placed chip by chip by expert mosaicists, allowing for unrivaled attention to detail. 

mosaic wall art

SICIS is famous for its magnificent artistic mosaics. These custom-designed beauties command attention no matter where they’re installed. Whether you’re looking to incorporate stylish furniture in your design or want to add a whimsical feel to a space, anything you can imagine can be crafted and made into a reality! 

Designing with mosaic glass tile in pools

When we say any space, we really mean it! These elaborate masterpieces can be installed in pools and wet areas too. SICIS offers an anti-slip coating on any of their tiles. The SICIS GRIP finish ensures the safety of your loved ones without compromising the beauty of these unique glass tile chips.mosaic glass tile pool

This finish is just one way you can ensure your vision will be turned into reality while maintaining the safety of your friends and family as a top priority. There is no limit to the design and style possibilities when choosing SICIS mosaic tile. 

Stunning pools aren’t the only application SICIS is famous for. Their quality mosaic tile can be installed in any part of your home including bathroom, kitchens, or even as artistic accent walls!

glass mosaic tile pool

Exploring all the tile collections

Take the Firefly collection; a mix of stunning colors from deep blues to bright yellows and even reds and greens, this collection offers a wide range of color options to match any preferred aesthetic. Each transparent glass chip features mineral inclusions and a silvery leaf, adding a touch of opulence to any space.

bathroom mosaic tile

Maybe you’re looking for something in a non-traditional format like a barrel or oval shape. Look no further, SICIS offers the Neoglass series just for you! Each color comes in a variety of formats including cubes, barrels, and domes, making it easy for you to install in any space, no matter how big or small. Featuring a mix of opaque, iridescent, and translucent glass tiles, this collection has something for everyone.

mosaic tile bathroom

For lovers of a more natural aesthetic, we offer the Natural series; a beautiful collection of mosaic glass tiles that embody the beautiful colors found in nature. From calming blues reminiscent of ocean waves, to the warm tans and browns of desert sands, and even the rejuvenating greens of wild jungle trees, this collection is sure to bring a touch of nature right to your home. 

High Quality Luxury Mosaic Glass Tile

SICIS has become increasingly popular with high end businesses looking to add an elegant and luxurious feel to their commercial properties. Due to their high-quality building standards, and rigorous testing, you can rest assured these mosaic tiles will meet and abide by all commercial building requirements in your area. From the Ritz, to the Hardrock, and even Kentucky Children’s Hospital, SICIS has adorned the offices, bathrooms, and pools of these landmark businesses, making the visual experience that much better for customers and employees alike. luxury mosaic glass tile install

So, whether you’re looking to upgrade your hotel’s pool and spa, add a colorful and inviting scene for a doctor’s office wall, or simply add a unique and bold statement to your office waiting room, SICIS can turn your commercial property from standard to exceptional!

Quality is at the heart of this revered brand. SICIS mosaic tile is put through a number of tests to ensure it can withstand the rigors of everyday use. These tests include abrasion resistance, breaking strength, water absorption, and more. This ensures that your mosaic tile will look great and last for years to come. 

Whatever your project, whether for your home or business, SICIS can turn your dream into a reality. At AquaBlu we are proud to be an officially authorized distributor for the brand and are truly excited to share their quality craftsmanship with our customers. 

Don’t delay, call us and speak to one of our AquaPro’s to start planning your original artistic mosaic today!