by Mike Vitori

One of the most recent trends in home décor and swimming pools these days has been glass tile. Due to the beauty and majestic feelings glass tile gives, it has become one of the hottest styles trending in home decorations and design.

There are many different varieties of glass tile, but some of the major types are:

  • Clear glass tile
  • Opaque glass tile
  • Specialty glass tile

Of these general types, many different designs, colors, and shapes can be found. Here are some cool places in your home where you will certainly want to consider converting to glass:

Glass Tile for Pools

When thinking of how you want your pool to look, glass tile for pools is a bright idea because not only is it luxurious, but it also comes in numerous shapes, sizes and colors.  For example, iridescent glass can give your pool or spa a rainbow effect at different angles, and glow-in-the-dark tile can also be utilized to make your pool “pop” at night. Glass can change a pool from a regular backyard oasis to a stylish, dazzling work of art. The cost may run from inexpensive to the very expensive, and all in between depending on which look you are going for.  But the most winning characteristic is in its ability to give any pool an instant make over, bringing it from dull to exciting overnight.

Glass Tile for Bathrooms

One of the most impressive looks for bathrooms nowadays is colored glass tiles for bathroom walls. Of the various applications, one particularly stylish choice is the use of glass tile is snail showers. A snail shower is a type of shower without a door, having a spiral shaped walls that leads to a compacted shower room. Snail showers are great for small or big bathrooms, and are typically designed with clear glass tiles. The name snail shower comes from the shape of the shower, because the entry is curved like a snail.

Showers built with glass tile are not only elegant; they are practical and unproblematic to care for. It is also feasible to complete this project yourself if you are experienced with home decoration or remodeling.

Choosing a style will be based mostly on your individual taste, financial plan, and space requirements. You may think of removing the bathtub completely and going with a snail shower, or simply installing glass tile on the shower floor and wall. Depending on your idea of color, you can use translucent or colored glass tiles.

Glass Tile for Kitchen Backsplashes

When considering your ultimate choice for your kitchen backsplash, glass tile is not a bad idea.

Glass tiles for kitchen backsplashes will create a beautiful focal point in your kitchen and help your home look elegantly beautiful. Considering the fact that they are more durable and easy to clean, this makes glass tile a brilliant and viable choice for anyone who wants a clean and stylish kitchen.

Besides being simple to clean and maintain, glass tile backsplashes are also tough and durable. When installed correctly, this is an option that will surely last for decades. Buying glass tile for your kitchen backsplash is surely an intelligent remodeling choice.


The most excellent results of your remodeling project would come from hiring a glass installer, as they will provide you with the most professional result. To save money, however, many homeowners choose to buy glass tile online themselves before hiring a professional to complete the installation.