Dazzling Detail: Colored Epoxy Grout

colored epoxy grout
by AquaBlu Mosaics

The era of boring monochrome tile grout is officially over. AquaBlu offers a wide assortment of colored epoxy grout that not only adds an extra design element to tiling projects, but also provides construction advantages over traditional cement-type grout.

AquaBlu’s Starlike grout collections by Litokol grout is rapidly becoming the pool tile grout and glass grout selection of designers and homeowners for a variety of reasons:

  • Stain Resistant: It is incredibly difficult to stain epoxy grout. For this reason, tiled areas that are often exposed to grease or acidic substances such as kitchen countertops and backsplashes should use epoxy.
  • Water Resistant: Unlike other grouts, water has little effect on epoxy. This is an incredible advantage after the grout has been installed – especially in showers, kitchen and bath backsplashes and of course as pool tile grout for pool tile waterlines.
  • Longer shelf life: While most grouts cannot be stored for more than two years, epoxy can be stored for an almost limitless time as long as it does not freeze and is kept in an airtight container.
  • No Sealant Required: Traditional grouts should be sealed every two to three years. Epoxy needs no additional sealants. This is a maintenance blessing especially in areas where tile is exposed to moisture indoors or outdoors.
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant: Epoxy is already somewhat resistant to mold and mildew, a property that can be enhanced when an additive is mixed in with the grout before application.
  • Maintains its color: Cement-based grout gets mildewy, yellowed, dingy or discolored over time. That’s because cement grout is porous. All the things that it absorbs can change the color of the grout. Litokol grout is not porous, therefore its color will not change.

But, of course, the characteristic of epoxy Starlike grout that endears buyers most is its color. The color of epoxy grout comes from the filler and is constant throughout. Epoxy grout color can be used to enhance any mosaic tile application.

Here are just a few reasons why people are so drawn to the color of epoxy grout: 

Eye Popping Hues

Grout is a serious consideration in the overall aesthetic of not only the tile work itself, but for every room in the house as well as exterior landscapes. In fact, colored grout and tiles can be used to define entire rooms of a house.

Our Starlike grout Glamour collection offers 15 impressive epoxy grout colors such as blue grout, green grout, yellow grout, orange grout, red grout and purple grout. High-performance meets high-fashion in the Starlike grout in this multi-palette collection. 

The possible combinations of colored glass grout and glass mosaic tiles are astronomical, which allows you to run wild with your imagination and turn your home into a reflection of who you are. 

For example, blue grout is an awesome color choice when you've got tile work around a pool or sauna, in the shower, or even for an entire bathroom. Red grout used in conjunction with more subtle tile colors, like off-white or gray, can really turn your tile wall or backsplash into a room feature. Orange grout with darker tiles has a modern look that makes a statement, especially in a bath backsplash or shower.

The Metallic Collection

Our Starlike grout Metallic Grout collection provides a whole new realm for artistic effects for both indoor and outdoor glass mosaic tile projects. Metallic grout is especially complimentary when using glass mosaic tiles that have metallic glaze effects. Metallic grouts add a sophisticated look, and come in a range of textures and styles. They can be found in shades of gold, bronze, silver, and platinum and create an extraordinary look on backsplashes, walls and in bathrooms.

Gold grout, for example, is an exceptional color for a variety of purposes. Combined with dark colors, gold grout is a great way to add a touch of class to a bathroom or a modern feel to a kitchen backsplash.

Platinum grout is a trendy choice with white subway glass mosaic tiles for countertops or backsplashes.

Chameleon Effect

One of the biggest breakthroughs in grout detailing has come to be known as the “chameleon effect.” The Starlike Crystal Glass Grout collection actually bends light in a way that causes the glass tile grout to assume the hues of the tile. It does this because this is a translucent grout comprised of tiny, hollow glass beads that reflect and refract light. Subsequently, these amazing light refracting qualities eliminates the need for colored grout.

This chameleon Litokol grout is ideal for pool tiles, spas, steam areas and other outdoor applications because it’s non-shrink and has a high-compression strength. It’s also a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, floors and walls. Starlike grout’s Crystal Glass Grout collection is safe for users due to its non-corrosive nature.

A Sparkling Bonus 

Then there’s glitter grout – the perfect way to bring your dull-looking grout to life and make it sparkle and glimmer with style with the Starlike Crystal Glass Grout Jewels collection.

Glitter grout is very popular right now for floors, countertops and even backsplashes. And no wonder. Glitter grout surrounds glass mosaic tiles with grout lines that are sparkling and shimmering in the light, turning any installation into a glamorous and glistening display. 

Tip No. 1: While it may be tempting to get glitter crazy, this type of grout is best used to grab attention and focus it on a specific location such as a small bathroom backsplash with gold glass tile and glitter lines. With more expansive spaces and rooms the effect is not nearly as dramatic.

Tip No. 2:  Match Your Fixtures. Metallic glitter colors, for example, are perfect for matching the fixtures in your home and using them is one of the top ways you can really bring the look of your bathroom or kitchen together. So if you have silver faucets, using silver glitter grout would be an excellent choice.


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