by Mike Vitori

There is no debating the artistic lure of mosaic tiles when it comes to designing a bathroom. They are a long-lasting, stain resistant tile that are low on maintenance. AquaBlu Mosaics offers a huge variety of patterns, designs and colors that will enhance the look of your home. These ornate mosaics are available in different shapes and sizes, and can be coupled with other flooring and wall materials to create that intriguing definition you desire.

Here are some ways you can really get the best out of mosaics for your bathroom interior.

  • Bathrooms with minimal spacing can be aided by installing exotic mosaics to create a much wider and luminous room. With a little remodeling done to your bathroom, it will feel like walking into an entirely brand new house.

 Bathroom Mosaics

  • Mosaic backsplashes are not only a distinguished addition to your décor, but they can also protect your walls from water damage. A smart investment can save you tons of money in the long run. Add mosaics around your face basin and mirror to get that luxurious accentuated look.

 Bathroom Mosaic Glass

  • A perfect blend of modern sophistication and poise, you’ll be the center of envy with subtle and monochromatic tones.

 Bathroom Mosaic White

  • Confine mosaics to one section of the shower to incorporate the best of your lighting and design. 

Shower glass mosaics

  • Choose your own color palette and mixture of colors to give a stimulating appearance. Below you can see the brilliant placing of blues, greens and white to create an aquatic mural.

custom bathroom mosaic mural

  • With Aquablu Mosaics, you can install your very own custom mosaics by just heading over to the custom mosaic design page - a quick and efficient way to upload your own design and receive a quote. Here’s a look at some stunning custom gradients and blends that you can add to your floor or wall to achieve the atmospheric feel that you want.

custom butterfly glass mosaic for pool

 custom shower wall mosaic mural

  • A little really does go a long way with mosaics. Another great way to use mosaics in your bathroom is to add them around your bathroom window. This adds a pleasant and effortless design to your room that won’t break your budget.

shower glass mosaics


Contact AquaBlu Mosaics today and let us help you customize the best design suitable to your tastes and lifestyle. We offer amazing and unique designs at affordable rates as well as the best customer service in the industry.