by AquaBlu Mosaics

Those who are looking to break the mold and renovate their kitchen’s backsplash to become a centerpiece of their culinary or social domains may want to consider utilizing glass tiles. This is the perfect marriage of luxury and flexibility. There are so many patterns and colors of glass mosaic backsplashes to choose from, and the costs are highly dependent on just how intricate you are willing to go.

Planning Stages

First, you will need to know your backsplash dimensions before you consider how much glass tile you need to buy (or to get an idea for how much it will cost to get it done professionally). Some people prefer to have their backsplash cover just a few inches above the counter top, while others opt for a more encompassing backsplash that covers most, if not all of it, allowing for the opportunity to express themselves with a mural-sized piece of art. Either way, you should always account for waste; a good rule of thumb is to buy 10% square feet over the actual surface area.

After deciding on how large you want your backsplash to be, the next step is to research what type of glass tile you want. This is the exciting part, but may also take you a while given the variety of choices; browsing places to buy glass tile online and sorting through the hundreds of different ways that glass tiles can be shaped, textured, colored, and accented.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and don’t have a strong idea in your head, don’t be afraid to crowdsource some ideas online or through your more artistic family and friends.

Preparing for Installation

Once you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish with your new kitchen backsplash, you will need to decide on whether it is worth doing it by yourself or hiring a professional contractor. Obviously, the cost benefits of doing it yourself (DIY) will be a major factor, but also consider the time and potential costs of mistakes that could be made along the way. It also depends on how complex your tile arrangements are; beginners should not try to install anything more than simple mosaics if they have no experience with glass tile. Glass tiles may not only be delicate to work with, but can also be difficult to cut to size.

Beauty and Functionality

Don’t get too distracted while planning the installation of your glass tile backsplash - you must remember to keep your eyes on getting the job done right, meaning no cracks, crevices, or potential problems where liquids can get trapped or leak past your backsplash. This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s really easy to overlook flaws in a really impressive piece of art, forgetting the whole purpose of the backsplash itself. Also, try to be conscious of the potential upkeep of your new glass tile design.

Last, but not least: be bold and be yourself! Just because you see glass tiles on sale, it shouldn’t mean you have to throw away your original vision and settle for an “okay” design. Glass tiles can potentially last forever, so go with something you’ll enjoy seeing for all those countless hours you will be in the kitchen.