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Waterline tile: It’s that strip of tile that’s installed even with the surface of your pool decking or right beneath the coping. It extends to just below the waterline and can give your pool a striking focal point. Waterline tiles accent the surface of your swimming pool and today come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors that you can let your imagination run wild.

When you’re choosing waterline tiles for your pool, you can select a tile that either matches or contrasts with the color of the water or matches the color of the coping or deck surface. Many pool owners are picking tiles that contrast with the blue water (gray, for instance), or they’re going for colors that pick up the trim colors of their house.

Whatever method you use for deciding what you want, you’ll eventually have to determine where you want to buy it. And that starts with choosing between two options: A brick-and-mortar tile store or an online tile supplier.

Your first instinct might come from years of conditioning. Whenever your family bought something like swimming pool tiles, they trudged off to the store—maybe even several stores until they found what they wanted--to pick them out, waited in line to pay for them, dragged them to the car, and made their way back home to unload them. Here are some reasons not to go through that same process:

Shopping online for waterline tiles is less expensive

As soon as you enter the tile store, you’ll notice that it’s not a very budget-friendly atmosphere. That’s because these physical locations are burdened with high overhead, all of which must be passed on to the customer. Without those expenses, online storefronts can offer better prices on pool tile. And with those lower prices, you can afford to consider waterline tiles with extra features!

You’ll have a more extensive selection from which to choose

Unless you enjoy driving from store to store so you can see everything that’s offered, shopping online is a better option, hands down. You’ll find pages of tiles in every style, color, material, and price range. With no salesperson hovering over or around you, you can take as much time as you need (and it could take some time!) to look at everything that’s available without feeling rushed.

Your stress level will stay in the lower ranges

With everything else that’s going on in your life, being able to shop for your tiles from the convenience of your home can actually seem relaxing in comparison. No driving, crowds, pushy salespeople, or higher prices all add up to an experience that lacks the hassle of traditional shopping.

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