Blue Tile Backsplashes: A Trendy Choice with Benefits

blue tile backsplash
by AquaBlu Mosaics

A kitchen or bath backsplash sets the mood for a room — make it a blue tile backsplash and open a pandora of design statements.

A porcelain or glass tile backsplash serves several purposes. A primary function is for protection. Instead of dealing with inconvenient and hard-to-clean stains, you can use your backsplash to catch food and liquids that would have otherwise ended up on your wall. This also goes a long way in preventing pests, especially in the kitchen.

Kitchens and bathrooms are both susceptible to water damage, which can cause serious mildew problems and structural issues. Walls covered with tile will prevent frequent water contact from becoming serious damage later on.

Another obvious benefit of the backsplash is that it adds extra style and decoration to your kitchen or bathroom. You can design your backsplash to be a colorful and avant-garde accent.

Then there’s ease of maintenance. A glass mosaic tile backsplash will shorten the time you spend cleaning your kitchen or bathroom. Since tile is water-resistant you can clean it just by wiping it down with a damp cloth or sponge.

It’s not surprising that blue tile is such a popular backsplash color. Blue represents both the sky and the sea, and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration and sensitivity. Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven and intelligence.

And perhaps the greatest thing about a blue glass tile backsplash? There's a perfect shade of blue for everyone. Which is why you can never go wrong with all the cool-hued possibilities.

Here are a few blue tile backsplash ideas to help rev up your creative motor:

blue herringbone tile

Blue Herringbone Backsplash

The herringbone pattern is an arrangement of rectangles so named for a fancied resemblance to the bones of a fish such as a herring. The pattern has its roots in the Roman Empire when it was used in buildings and roadways. It’s both a classic and super versatile pattern.

A herringbone backsplash can shake things up in your kitchen or bath. It’s a nice alternative to subway tiles. Pointed up, down or even sideways, a blue herringbone tile backsplash is a magical and unexpected design element.

A lighter blue herringbone tile is an excellent choice for a kitchen with predominantly white cabinets or stained wood. These tiles also look great in white dominated bathrooms.

Try darker blue tiles with grayish kitchens or kitchens with metallic appliances. Many designers like to use dark blue herringbone tiles for small walls in vanity bathrooms from basin to ceiling.

A gray and blue herringbone mix like Wave, which AquaBlu offers, makes for a compelling kitchen backsplash. 

blue hexagon tile

Blue Hexagon Backsplash

Another popular backsplash using blue tile makes use of hexagonal patterns. A dark blue hexagon tile backsplash can especially make a dramatic statement. AquaBlu offers such a tile — 239H Sapphire, a glass hexagon tile recommended for interior applications such as kitchen and bath backsplashes as well as showers.

The bold and rich colors of dark blue hexagon tile compliment brass faucets and cabinet hardware. It’s a great way to turn your kitchen into an island paradise.

As a bonus, 239H Sapphire uses up to 59% post-consumer recycled glass and is enriched with sparkling enamels and artificial stone. 

blue patterned porcelain tile

Blue Patterned Tile Backsplash

Unlike the pizazz of hexagons and herringbones, patterned tile provides a more relaxed, homey feel — especially in the kitchen. Blue patterned tile adds to that sense of dignity and character as well as coziness.

AquaBlu’s Cordova porcelain tile, for example, is a more sedate, patterned blue tile that adds farmhouse charm to kitchens and baths.

Of course, patterned tile also has a retro vibe to it. If you have an older home, that’s another reason for considering a blue patterned tile backsplash. Visitors will have a sense of awe as well as comfort taking a cup of coffee in the yesteryear mood that patterned tile can create.

blue mixed glass tile

Mixed Blue Glass Tile Backsplash

Yet another blue backsplash tile that designers often recommend is commonly referred to as “mixed,” and combines several shades of blue with different shapes. This is normally a glass mosaic tile. Designers like it because it gives dimensionality to a backsplash. The different sized chips in combination with the blue color variances makes for an unusual and often provocative effect. Additionally it takes on an art quality due to the texture of glass tile itself, which reflects light to give your kitchen or bath the appearance of being brighter and larger.

Our Caribbean Blue mixed glass tile, for instance, is both a sophisticated and stylish tile that compliments a wide range of countertops and cabinets as a shimmering blue glass mosaic backsplash. This is the kind of backsplash that can brighten up your whole kitchen with the way light reflects off it.

And speaking of light, AquaBlu also has blue glass tile that glows in the dark, like the Fireglass 106, a dark blue glass tile that glows a blue green in the dark. Don’t be afraid to try it as a backsplash. It not only looks terrific during the day, but the glow-in-the-dark nature of the tile makes is a unique conversation piece.


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