Blue Hexagon Tile: The Next Big Trend in Luxury Tile

Blue Hexagon Tile: The Next Big Trend in Luxury Tile
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Trendy blue hexagon tile is a vintage look that’s new again, making it a great fit for old home updates and new homes alike.

It’s a unique shape but is simple enough to blend into a just about every kind of design. Hexagonal tiles, also known as honeycomb tiles, are six-sided, tessellating tiles capable of adding some geometric chic to any home. This shape is found commonly in nature, from bees’ honeycombs to the interlocking basalt columns that comprise the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland. 

light blue hexagon tile

AquaBlu's "Wave" Light Blue Hexagon Tile

Tiles in this unusual shape are a particularly popular choice for homeowners looking to add some unique character to their kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, or for those looking to emulate the beauty of nature inside their property.

Naturally charismatic, hexagon mosaic tiles are sure to have a significant impact on the overall style of any interior space. Offering a timeless finish, these versatile tiles seamlessly complement subtle and bold interiors alike, making them an increasing popular walling and flooring option for a multitude of interior environments.

It’s also an excellent choice for swimming pool waterlines.

Then there’s the color blue – there is a serene and lavish quality to tiles in the shades of blue, which is why many modern homes have incorporated the blue theme.

Colored grout lines also add impact and mood to blue hexagon tiles. Our epoxy grout colors are particularly compatible with mosaic tiles in the color blue. There’s a wide selection available, and the Starlike EVO epoxy tile grout is environmentally friendly.

Try contrasting color to bring out the shape, or a matching color for a sleeker and more subtle finish. For example, lighter blue hexagon-shaped mosaic tiles combined with light grout lines give a more delicate, classic look. When you take that same tile color and use darker grouting, you’ve created a more vintage appearance.

If you really want to create an upscale, intriguing look, invest in glass hexagon tiles that have blue in them. Glass tile is both beautiful and elegant with its luminescence due to its ability to reflect light rather than absorb it.

Glass tile is also hygienic and easy to clean.

Here are a few more ideas on how to design with blue hexagon tile:

Blue Hexagon Tiles for Kitchen Backsplashes

Blue hexagon kitchen tiles are positively perfect for a quirky, contemporary backsplash – combining drop-dead good looks with minimal maintenance.

If you’re looking for something a little more out of the ordinary for your kitchen than the classic metro tile, look no further than the mighty blue hexagon, a tile trend that has been shaking up interior design with some six-sided swagger.

Geometric patterns always give a project edge, and a kitchen wall or backsplash of beautiful blue tiles is no exception. For kitchens with white or lighter colored cabinets, a darker blue tile like AquaBlu’s 239H Sapphire glass tile is an excellent choice, especially for kitchens with a kitchen hood attached to a wall. The darker blue glass tile makes for a terrific contrast when positioned between the hood and the stove and then expanded under the kitchen cabinets in both directions.

For a small bar or larger kitchen island, consider splashing out with blue hexagon mosaic tiles to add a strong style statement as well as a glamorous and dramatic effect. 

Blue Glass Mosaic Tiles for Bathrooms

There are endless creative ideas that can be brought to life by using blue hexagon bathroom tiles. Cool blues add a calming, aquatic feel to a bathroom. Tiling one wall in your shower space is a great way to introduce some six-sided splendor into your bath.

Mixing in a band of green hexagons with the blue creates even more of a relaxing sanctuary feel.

As a backsplash, the blue hexagonal look can do wonders for the overall appearance of your bathroom.

If you have a wall for hanging towels and the like, a grayish blue tile here in a hexagon pattern adds style and interest, especially if you have lighter colored tile throughout the bathroom in more traditional shapes.

hexagon waterline tile

Hexagon Waterline Tile with Pre-Cut Edges

Hexagon-Pattern Glass Pool Tile for Waterlines

The hexagon format works just as effectively outdoors as it does indoors. Swimming pool waterlines look great in blue hexagons. In addition to the intriguing pattern, blue is a favorite with pool owners because of its association with the ocean and the bayside feeling of being relaxed and refreshed. Blue waterline tile also helps color pool water blue.

Blue glass hexagon waterline tile adds the additional benefit of being easy to clean. It also offers an aesthetic grade not found in porcelain or ceramic. Blue glass tile glows when the light hits it just right making for a very appealing luminescence.

Because hexagon tile mosaics don't always come with a straight edge, check out AquaBlu's collection of glass hexagon waterline tile specifically cut for use on pool waterlines. It will save your installer a ton of time, while saving you a lot of money.

long blue hexagon mosaic tile

AquaBlu's "Flores" Long Hexagon Mosaic Tile

Tile with Unusual Designs

If you took a hexagonal tile and stretched it out you would have an elongated hexagonal tile. While not nearly as common as the regular hexagon mosaic tile, long hexagonal tiles like AquaBlu’s Flores have been gaining ground. They are a provocative modern tile for kitchens and bathrooms.

Another alternative to blue hexagons is the blue hexagon 3D effect. The center of these tiles are slightly pointed outward to create a 3D illusion. Despite their unorthodox look, blue 3D hexagons present well for a contemporary feel to your kitchen, bathroom or interior wall.

Be sure to check out AquaBlu’s Matte Light Blue 3D Hexagonal glass tile made in Spain from recycled glass.