Black Hexagon Tile: Elevate Your Design

black hexagon tile
by AquaBlu Mosaics

The six-sided hexagon is a geometric wonder.

It appears in nature over and over again from the honeycombs of bees to the molecular structure of the all-important carbon molecule. Scientists have even discovered a giant cloud formation over the North Pole of Saturn that is hexagonal-shaped.

Hexagonal patterns are prevalent in nature due to their efficiency. In a hexagonal grid each line is as short as it can possibly be if a large area is to be filled with the fewest hexagons. This means that honeycombs require less wax to construct and gain much strength under compression.

The strength and beauty of hexagon tiles can also transform a room. Hexagon tiles are absolutely gorgeous and versatile. Not only do they look sensational and effectively elevate your interior design, despite their delicate appearance they are also very durable and hard-wearing.

hexagon tile bathroom

Rendering of Hexagon Tile Bathroom

The six-edge shapes offer renovators and builders plenty of options as they come in a wide range of colors, finishes, materials and sizes. Additionally, hexagonal tiles are suitable for any style you may have in mind, no matter how bold or subtle.

In recent years, a lot of attention has been focused on black hexagon tiles, which look outstanding in any modern or contemporary design. Black is associated with power, elegance and sophistication. If you are after an ultra-modern style, select dark hexagon tiles and awe your guests with an unexpected, classy look that can do wonders in both large and small spaces.

Black mosaic tiles are chic and dramatic yet understated and grounding; they can make a statement on their own or tie together an entire room’s décor.

Black glass tiles also look chic paired with any color of grout. You can really add that wow factor to a room or space when you combine black tiles with a fun and bright color of grout such as blue, green, gold or white – the options are endless and the results are always stunning.

Here are a few ideas on how to design with black hexagonal tiles:

Black Glass Kitchen Backsplash

One important key for choosing a kitchen backsplash is making sure the tile matches the décor in your kitchen. That becomes a much simpler task with classy black that pretty much compliments everything.

For a really amazing look, consider black glass hexagon tile. Not only are the black hexagon tiles a compelling focal point for your kitchen, but glass tiles are also extremely chic and contemporary. Some black glass tiles may also feature an iridescent finish, adding an additional layer of color and character.

There are also many additional perks to glass hexagon tile in your kitchen. For one, they are very easy to clean. Grime and splashes come off easily with a little soapy water or all-purpose cleaner. Also, mold and mildew don’t readily grow on glass.

There’s also the all-important impervious to water factor. Glass has an absorbency rate of 0%. It’s environmentally friendly as well. Many glass tiles are made of recycled materials. Even if not, they are 100% recyclable at the end of their life span. Glass tiles also take about half the energy required to produce ceramic tiles.

AquaBlu’s 260H Moon Dust hexagonal glass black tile, for example, uses up to 59% post-consumer recycled glass and is enriched with sparkling enamels and artificial stone. Note the unusual veining effect on the surface of these glass hexagon tiles. This effect is created through the mixture of two different glass colors.

Black Glass Tile for Bathrooms

For showers, black hex tile is all about style and urbanity. A popular application – especially in a white or light colored bathroom – is to completely tile the back wall black as well as the shower floor. This look can be extended with the same black hex tile outside the shower, covering the general bathroom floor.

As with kitchens, bathroom backsplashes also look great in black hexagons. From counter to ceiling their sleekness exudes an impressive mood. Many designers like to have an oval or round mirror on the wall above the sink with the black hexagon tile centered around it.

Black tile accents also strike a resonant chord. They can make a big impact with just a thin band of black hexagons stretched from inside the shower to the closest adjoining wall.

Also, as with glass tile in the kitchen, glass tile offers your bathroom a unique visual appeal making your shower appear larger due to glass tile’s reflective properties. And, unlike any other surface material, the translucence of glass provides an additional sense of depth and dimension.

black hexagon tile shower

Rendering of Hexagon Tile on Shower Floor

The Matte Black Glass Look

If you want to create a natural or rustic look in a living space, then black matte hexagon tiles are the way forward. Unlike a gloss surface, matte helps tone down a room that could be too bright. It’s also a good choice for spaces below under counter lighting.

Matte tiles also provide better traction – a consideration for a shower or bathroom floor tile. You may also prefer the matte surface in the bath for its authentic, soothing ambience.

AquaBlu offers two outstanding matte black glass hexagon tiles: 3D Hexagonal and Flat Hexagonal. 

The 3D Hexagonal tile is especially noteworthy. Made in Spain from recycled glass, the 3-D effect of this black mosaic tile has a mesmerizing artistic feel to it. Provocative, yet easy on the senses, 3D Hexagonal tile will be noticed wherever you place it.