Best Pool Waterline Tile Trends for 2024

Best pool waterline trends for 2024
by Jorge Goytisolo

We've been obsessing over the latest pool waterline tile trends this year, and we just have to share them with you. These tiles are the unsung heroes of pool design, adding that perfect pop of color and style right where the water meets the edge. And we're happy to say, the options for 2024 are nothing short of stunning.

From bold, vibrant hues to eco-friendly materials, pool waterline tiles are making a serious splash this year. Let's talk about what's hot in pool designs—We've searched high and low for trends that will turn your pool and outdoor space up a notch. Trust us, your pool is about to become the envy of the neighborhood.

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woman holding a glass of red juice sitting near the pool waterline that's adorned with light green glass tiles.

Exploring the Latest Trends in Pool Waterline Tiles for 2024

As specialists in the pool industry for over a decade, we've seen firsthand how much waterline tiles can transform a swimming pool's look and feel. And we're thrilled to tell you, the trends for 2024 are nothing short of exciting. Gone are the days of bland, monotonous pool tiles. Bold, vibrant hues are making a splash this year, and we couldn't be more thrilled. These eye-catching colors not only add depth to your pool but also reflect light in the most mesmerizing way. Imagine diving into a pool lined with brilliant blues, greens, or even pinks. It's like swimming in a work of art. Trust us, your pool parties will be the talk of the town.

Pool waterline tiles play an important part in not only the aesthetics of your outdoor paradise but also a practical role by protecting the pool walls. As the pool season heats up in 2024, let's explore our favorite trends shaping pool tile waterline designs.

Mixed format blue glass tile installed around a spa and in a pool waterline in a pool. The pool is in the backyard of a beautiful, modern luxury home.

Elevating Poolscapes with Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles represent an unparalleled choice for adorning pool waterlines, thanks to their remarkable beauty, diversity in color and texture, and vast potential for customization. These attributes position them as a top selection for both homeowners and designers aiming to elevate their poolscape's aesthetics significantly.

A leading trend within the realm of glass mosaic tiles is the shift toward vibrant color palettes at the waterline. This year has seen a surge in popularity for glass pool tile in bold colors such as azure blues, emerald greens, and fiery oranges. These striking hues serve not just as mere accents but are pivotal in injecting pools with an aura of energy and vitality that captivates all who behold them.

The utilization of these vivid tones—whether employed singly or interwoven into dynamic combinations—introduces a burst of personality into pool designs. By doing so, they transform ordinary swimming areas into lively aquatic sanctuaries where charm and vibrancy reign supreme.

Bright, vivid blue iridescent glass tile installed in a pool waterline as well as used as a step marker.

The Rise of Textured Glass Mosaic Tiles

Another trend that's taking the pool world by storm is textured glass mosaic tiles. They're not just any addition to your swimming area; think of them as a visual treat and a delight for the senses all rolled into one. The best part? Textured tiles catch the light in ways that smooth tiles simply can't, resulting in a shimmering, almost iridescent effect. It's like having a pool lined with tiny, glistening jewels. 

The Aura Black 3D tile is a beautiful choice not only for a pool waterline but also as an all-glass tile pool finish. While we love pool waterline tiles, we always advocate that our customers consider tiling the entire pool and take advantage of the many benefits.

A closeup shot of the Aura Black 3d glass tile installed in a waterline.

Embracing Sustainable Materials

As a business that cares deeply about the environment, we're thrilled to see the trend towards eco-friendly pool materials. Recycled glass tiles are leading the charge, offering a sustainable option that doesn't compromise on style. Not only do recycled glass tiles help reduce waste, but they also have a unique, almost ethereal quality to them. Think of it as turning what would've been waste into something vibrant again, avoiding the fate of landing in a dump. Plus, you can feel good knowing that your pool is not only beautiful but also environmentally conscious.

Recycled glass tiles from Vidrepur are a very popular option. Available in a variety of colors, shapes, and finishes, they offer something for everyone. They even offer glow-in-the-dark tile that's become increasingly popular as accents for waterlines. 

Green tile from the Nature Series by Vidrepur installed in a waterline.

The Artistic Expression of Decorative and Geometric Tiles

If you really want to make a statement with your pool's waterline, geometric and decorative tiles are the way to go. Artistic designs are making pools look like absolute works of art, and honestly, we're all for it. One trend that's capturing hearts and imaginations is geometric patterns made from small mosaic tiles. With these intricate designs at play, your pool instantly feels like a modern getaway that you and your guests will get lost in. Imagine sipping a cocktail by your pool, surrounded by the mesmerizing beauty of the Geometro series. This series offers a plethora of stock designs and is also available to custom order. That means you can transform your pool into a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece. It's like having your own private oasis right in your backyard.

Other, decorative tiles are making a splash this year for pool waterlines. Patterned porcelain tiles no longer remain in bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes, they're adorning pool waterlines and outdoor accent walls! These durable tiles are a great choice for adding a dash of unique style to your pool space. 

Patterned tile installed in a pool waterline outside of a luxury home.

Large-Format Tiles for a Modern Look

On the other end of the spectrum, large-format tiles are making waves in the pool design world. Imagine the charm of minimalist tiles; they offer a fresh, modern twist to any room, indoors and out, while keeping things classy forever. The beauty of large-format tiles lies in their simplicity. Here, uninterrupted sweeps of color give the water its moment to shine. It's like swimming in a contemporary work of art.

Whether you opt for single-color tiles or choose tiles with subtle patterns or textures, large-format tiles can improve the overall design of your pool area, creating a sophisticated and visually appealing space. We now offer the new 6” x 20” tiles from the Coral II Series by Aquatica that are perfect for the pool waterline. They're available in beautiful blues and greens; the most popular colors we see installed in pools.

Large Format green pool tile installed over the entire surface of a pool.

Wave Pattern Glass Tiles Mimic Water's Fluidity

If you really want to embrace the essence of water in your pool design, wave pattern tiles are the way to go. These mesmerizing tiles mimic the fluid, dynamic movement of water, creating a sense of flow and tranquility. Imagine diving into a pool lined with undulating waves of blue or green. It's like swimming in the ocean, without the sand and seaweed. These tiles put a twist on traditional pool tiles you'll love for years to come.

A close up shot of wave pattern porcelain pool tile installed in a waterline.

The Whimsical Charm of Penny Round Tiles

For a touch of nostalgia and playfulness, penny round tiles are making a comeback in 2024. These small, circular tiles add a sense of whimsy and charm to any pool, evoking memories of old-fashioned swimming holes and simpler times. Penny round tiles come in a variety of colors, from classic white to bold, vibrant hues. They create a mosaic effect that's both visually interesting and utterly charming. It's like swimming in a pool of tiny, gleaming coins. 

Better yet, brands like NSR are creating intricate geometric patterns with glass penny round mosaics, transforming this classic look into a modern masterpiece. 

Geometric pattern penny round tiles by NSR installed in a pool waterline.

Choosing Waterline Pool Tile for Your Design Aesthetic

With so many amazing options out there, choosing the perfect waterline tile for your pool can feel overwhelming. But fear not, consider us your personal navigator through these waters. One of the most important things to consider when choosing your waterline tile is how it will coordinate with your pool's finish. You want to create a cohesive look that feels intentional and well-designed. If you have a light-colored pool finish, consider choosing a waterline tile in a complementary hue, like a soft blue or green. For darker finishes, a bold, contrasting color can really make your waterline pop.
Close up of a mixed format glass tile in aqua and green installed in a waterline.

Texture and Material Considerations

Another factor to keep in mind is the texture and material of your waterline tile. As I mentioned earlier, textured glass mosaic tiles are all the rage right now, but they may not be the best choice for every pool. If you have a lot of young children or rough-and-tumble swimmers, a smoother tile may be a better option.

If your outdoor space's aesthetic consists of more modern elements, choosing a glass waterline tile may be your best bet. Glass tile offers a multitude of colors and shapes, generally more than other materials. The sleek shine of glass tile is also more commonly associated with modern designs. 

Close up of square blue glass tiles installed in a waterline.

That said, if your outdoor paradise consists of more traditional styles, consider a porcelain pool tile for your waterline instead. Porcelain is not only an extremely durable material but adds a sense of old-world charm that will blend right in with your current decor.

Linear porcelain pool tile installed in a waterline and an outdoor accent wall.
Key Takeaway: 


2024's pool tile trends are all about bold colors, textured mosaics, and eco-friendly choices. Dive into vibrant hues, glass mosaics that shimmer like jewels, or recycled tiles for a greener option. Whether you love the artistry of decorative patterns or the sleek look of large formats, there’s something to make your pool stand out. Remember to match your pick with your pool finish and consider texture for safety and style.


Pool waterline tiles are the secret weapon to elevating your swimming pool's style game. We've explored the hottest trends for 2024, from vibrant colors that reflect light and add depth, to textured glass mosaics that bring artistic flair. Sustainable materials like recycled glass are also making waves, letting you create a stunning pool design while being kind to the planet.

When choosing your pool waterline tile, don't be afraid to mix and match colors, textures, and patterns to create a look that's uniquely you. Whether you're drawn to the whimsy of penny rounds, the modern elegance of intricate geometric designs, or the fluidity of wave patterns, there's a waterline tile out there that'll make your pool dreams come true.

So, dive in, get creative, and let your personality shine through in your pool design. With the right waterline tile, you'll be making a splash in style for years to come. Happy swimming!

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