AquaPRO Spotlight: Jeff Hampe Pools

AquaPRO Spotlight: Jeff Hampe of Hampe Pools
by Frank Vitori

In the sunshine state of Florida, where swimming pools glisten all year long, Jeff Hampe's journey to becoming a pioneering glass tile specialist is nothing short of inspirational. From his early days as a pool boy to his emergence as a leading expert in the industry, Jeff's passion for pool craftsmanship has propelled him to the forefront of all-tile pool finishes, setting new standards of luxury and innovation along the way.

a luxury all glass tile pool featuring black glass and 24k gold tiles.

A Humble Start

Jeff's journey into the world of pools began with the humblest of beginnings. Starting out as a pool boy, he spent his days cleaning and maintaining pools, immersing himself in the nitty-gritty, and learning all the intricacies of pool maintenance and care. It was here that Jeff's love affair with pools began—a love that would shape his future in ways he never imagined.

Jeff Hampe working in a pool with blue and aqua subway glass tile in the waterline.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a relentless work ethic, Jeff quickly rose through the ranks in the pool industry. His passion for transforming the outdoor spaces of his clients propelled him from being a pool boy to entering the world of pool construction and remodeling. Over the years he honed his skills and expanded his expertise, delving into artistic mosaic design and masterfully blending it with his skills as a pool builder. It was his fascination with all-glass tile pool finishes that would ultimately define his career and earn him a reputation for excellence within the industry.

custom mosaic pool step markers with blue and aqua colored glass tiles in a beautiful helix-like pattern.

Mastering the Craft

In recent years, Jeff has devoted himself wholeheartedly to the art of all-glass tile pool finishes. Drawing inspiration from renowned industry leaders and mentors, he immersed himself in the complexities of glass tile installation, mastering techniques that would elevate his work to new heights of sophistication and elegance. Today, Jeff stands as a leading authority in the field, renowned for his unrivaled creativity and attention to detail. Unlike many tile installation companies, when you hire Hampe Pools, you are hiring the man himself.

blue and aqua custom glass mosaic in the center of a pool. It matches a beautiful helix-like custom step marker design on the pool steps and the iridescent blue glass tile waterline.

Jeff emphasizes that achieving a successful glass tile pool finish demands precision, meticulous attention to detail, and deep expertise in the materials involved. According to Jeff, “When clients choose Hampe Pools, they're investing in me. I personally set the tile with my small crew, and oversee every aspect of the installation, ensuring that it meets Hampe Pool’s standards.”

According to Jeff, the waterproofing, setting materials, and grouts are just as important as the tile itself. A key separator from a Hampe Pool’s installation is that they do not skimp on these materials. “We use premium, high-performance epoxy-based thin sets and grouts from Litokol. This is a leading manufacturer in Europe and imported from Italy. We haven’t found a better line as far as performance and color selection to apply the finishing touches to our installations.”

close up of a spa that runs into a pool finished in black glass and 24k gold tiles.

A Spotlight on Success

Jeff's expertise in all-glass tile pool finishes has not gone unnoticed. He has been featured alongside industry luminaries such as Frank Vitori of AquaBlu Mosaics on Designing Spaces, showcasing his innovative designs and impeccable craftsmanship to a national audience. Moreover, his work has graced the pages of prestigious industry publications, including Pool Magazine. It has even been featured on the covers of multiple manufacturer catalogs, including Artistry in Mosaics—a testament to the widespread recognition and acclaim his work has garnered.

Frank Vitori from AquaBlu Mosaics and Jeff Hampe from Hampe pools on the set of designing spaces.

Shaping the Future of Pool Design

As Jeff's reputation continues to grow, so too does his influence on the world of pool design. Through his innovative use of glass tile and his unwavering commitment to quality, he is reshaping the way we perceive and experience pools, transforming them from mere recreational amenities into works of art that inspire.

Jeff Hampe's journey from pool boy to glass tile guru is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Through his custom designs and impeccable craftsmanship, he has not only elevated the art of glass tile pool finishes but has also inspired a new generation of pool designers to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

beautiful all glass tile pool by Jeff Hampe pools that was featured on designing spaces. The tiles are a mix of dark and lighter blues with a beautiful white geometric mosaic design that runs across the floor and matches the borders installed

Despite his success, Jeff remains the same, humble family man he’s always been. Married to his wife of 39 years, they spend their free time enjoying the Florida beaches and traveling with their daughter. His laid-back demeanor, professional attitude, and unparalleled work ethic endear his customers, turning them into lifelong clients. When asked about his career, Jeff says, “I’m focused on quality, not quantity. At the end of the day, I’m just a pool boy at heart”.

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