AquaBlu's Ultimate In-Pool Furniture Favorites: From Us to Your Sun Shelf

AquaBlu's In-pool Furniture Favorites
by Frank Vitori

Hi there! We at AquaBlu Mosaics are very excited to give you a peek into what makes us your ultimate source for premium in-pool furniture. Helping customers just like you find the perfect pieces to turn your sun shelf into your own personal paradise is a blast.

Sun shelves are all the rage these days, and it's no wonder—what's not to love about a shallow spot in your pool where you can sunbathe, play with the kids, or just chill with a refreshing drink? As more people add sun shelves to their pools, we've seen the demand for high-quality in-pool furniture go through the roof. That's where AquaBlu comes in. Dive into our selected assortment from the best names out there, boasting chic and versatile options that cater to every kind of poolside atmosphere.

Two in-pool loungers in a pool sun shelf at sunset.

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Let me give you a rundown of some of our most popular brands and why our customers love them:

Tenjam: Retro Style with a Twist

Tenjam has this cool retro look that takes you back in time. They started out making school furniture, and now they make fun pieces like the Shayz Pool Lounger and the Mibster Chair, which are super comfy but also have that retro flair. The best part? You can adjust the height and configuration to fit your sun shelf perfectly. 

A man and woman sitting in two orange/yellow moon chairs by Tenjam on a pool sun shelf.

Ledge Lounger: The Original Innovator  

If you're a fan of classic designs, then Ledge Lounger is your go-to brand. Leading the charge in pool design, their introduction of in-pool furniture really put sun shelves on the map. It belongs to them. Their first collection, the Signature Series – where top-notch quality meets unparalleled style – is one of our favorites for its sleek, classic design. Still leading the pack, it delivers on both a cozy feel and solid support that doesn't quit.

Their furniture stays in place even with plenty of movement and is built to withstand pool chemicals and UV exposure. Ledge Lounger continues to lead the way offering the largest assortment of in-pool furniture options blending innovation with enduring style.  

A woman wearing a white bathing suit lounging in a signature lounger by ledge lounger.

Floating Luxuries: Comfort with a Dash of Elegance

Now, if you're looking for something a bit more luxurious, you'll love Floating Luxuries. Their Kai Series is a big hit with our customers who want to add a touch of elegance to their poolside setup. You'll find setting these ergonomic loungers up is a breeze, and they even have spots built in for your cups. Add one of their specially designed headrest pillows and you'll be set up to relax in the sun for years to come! Plus, Floating Luxuries offers a host of other pool accessories your whole family will love including the Kai Pool Noodle and the King Kai pool float. You get the best of both worlds here - snuggly comfort meets smooth-sailing convenience. 

Two Kai shelf loungers with tropical drinks in the cup holders and cellphones in the cellphone holders. They are placed inside a pool shelf.

Vondom: High-Fashion Outdoor Furniture

Vondom redefines poolside style with a unique combination of cutting-edge design and eco-friendly materials. Imported from Spain, their ultra-modern pieces infuse a touch of European elegance into any pool setting.

What really makes Vondom shine is their dedication to keeping things green; using reclaimed materials like ocean plastics not only gives a second life to waste but results in truly beautiful creations as well. Kick back in style with an Ibiza Lounger, your next must-have for outdoor relaxation. Looking for something a little more unique? Add a bit more flair to backyard gatherings with their LED-lit furniture – think patio chairs and outdoor daybeds that do double duty as sources of soft, ambient light. If you're looking for high fashion and a greener approach to pool and patio furniture, Vondom is the brand to watch. 

A woman sitting in a chair from the Ibiza collection by Vondom. The entire collection includes chairs, loungers, and side tables.


S.R. Smith: Classic and Timeless

S.R. Smith has a more traditional approach. Their Destination series is perfect if you're into classic styles with a unique twist, like their in-pool rocking chair. Their loungers are super easy to set up, thanks to the self-filling ballast system—no manual filling required. It's classic style without the hassle. 

A woman in a black bathing suit lounging in a lounger by SR smith on a pool shelf.

NEW - Studio RedRock: The Pinnacle of Luxury In-Pool Lounging

When it comes to luxury in-pool lounging, our newest recommendation is Studio Redrock. These loungers are handcrafted right here in the USA and are the only ones made from fiberglass-reinforced concrete. That means they’re incredibly stable and durable—you don't need to fill them with water or use anchors to keep them in place. Plus, the sleek design? Talk about turning heads - this is it in action! If you're looking for premium quality and style that turns heads, you can’t go wrong with Studio Redrock.

A side shot of a woman wearing a green bathing suit lounging in a Curve lounger by Studio Redrock.
Key Takeaway: 


Turn your pool into a luxe resort with the right in-pool furniture. Go for top brands like Ledge Lounger and Vondom to get style, comfort, and durability. Sun shelves are trending, so deck yours out with sleek chairs that can handle sun and water. Remember, it's all about enhancing your chill time.

Why AquaBlu? 

So why choose AquaBlu Mosaics? For one, our user-friendly website makes shopping for in-pool furniture an absolute breeze. And hey, if you hit a snag or just have a quick question, our instant chat service has got your back anytime. If you have questions or need guidance, our team of pool specialists (like me!) is always here to help with expert advice on product selection, installation, and more. 

Oh, and you can’t overlook our competitive rates paired with top-notch help whenever you need it. We work hard every day to boost the return on your investment - it's our promise to you. So, if you're ready to elevate your sun shelf, come check us out at AquaBlu Mosaics. Your ideal spot by the water is closer than you think—let’s create it together. 

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