AquaBlu Staff Picks: What's your favorite pool tile?

AquaBlu Staff Picks: What's your favorite pool tile?
by Danielle Major

The team here at AquaBlu is simply amazing. We have such a special, small team that powers our business to bring YOU the best products and customer service.

Customers here ask us all the time "What's your favorite tile?" or "What do you think about this one for a pool tile?". We always share our opinions and then hear back from customers after they've installed and are super happy with how it all turned out. 

So, we reached out to our team to get their opinions and choose their "favorite" tile we carry here at AquaBlu. Here's what they had to say:

1) Kris - Customer Service:  Aura Collection: ' Silver Iridescent 1"x1" '

aquablu mosaics team

"I love Aura Silver because it is Contemporary and Unique creating a Cosmically fresh modern look. It looks great no matter where you put it, a bathroom, a pool or backsplash."- Kris 

Silver iridescent pool tile

2) Jamie - Operations: "Blue Copper Blend 1"x1"

aquablu mosaic team

"I love how the Blue Copper Blend Glass Tiles bring the ocean to your pool instantly with the perfect blend of land and sea vibes. The intricate shades of blue remind me of refreshing tropical waters, with the soft copper tones bringing that sand in my toes energy." - Jamie

Blue glass pool tile

3) Mike - Owner: "Shell Ocean 561"

mike vitori aquablu"Quality tile made in Spain from recycled materials, with a luxurious look and iridescent finish, but at an excellent price point. If customers have interest in pursuing an all tile finish for their pool, we can’t recommend the Shell Series enough." - Mike

shell ocean pool tile

4) Cristi- Marketing: "Stratus Blue 2" x 4" "

aquablu staff"I love the simple but eye catching blue tones throughout the tiles. They’re beautiful and calming; almost like looking into the ocean. Being that it’s made of glass, it also brings a sort of clean and modern feel to any pool or spa area. Definitely one of my top favs! " - Cristi

glass subway tile for pools

5) Danielle- Marketing: "AQUAMARINE, MIXED" 

aquablu mosaics marketing"I don't know what is about this tile, but I just love it. I've seen so many amazing pools using glass tile, but this one is special to me. The natural aqua color used with epoxy grout creates an illusion of endless water. Photo contest winning beauty. " - Danielle

Aquamarine glass pool tile

6) Frank - Owner: "Martia 6" x 6" " Porcelain Tile

aquablu mosaics "My all time favorite has traditionally been the Blue Planet 1 x 1 glass tile from our Moon Collection. These luxury glass pool tiles are very unique sporting a three-dimensional texture and iridescent finish unlike any other; and is absolutely stunning when used for an all-tile pool finish. However, for 2021, my vote goes to a NEW patterned porcelain pool tile. The winner for me is our Martia 6 x6 from the Ancient Series. Traditionally, patterned tiles have only been available in a stamped concrete form which is not suitable for swimming pool applications. This trending, new line of pattern porcelain pool tile has been a great addition to our tile lineup. Imported from Spain, our customers cannot get enough of the mediterranean vibes these tiles offer up to any backyard oasis. This porcelain tile is a classic example of an elegant and contemporary design for pool waterlines and spas. Martia is one of our most complimented and most popular porcelain waterline tiles that we sell here at AquaBlu. " - Frank
Porcelain waterline tile

7) Sarah - Customer Service: "NATURE ROYAL, 1" X 2" " Glass Tile 

"I love that the nature royal is a recycled eco-friendly tile features a color palette exemplifying the beauty of our planet. this unique mosaic will always be a show stopper." - Sarah
nature blue pool tile

At AquaBlu we stand by our products whether its tile, grout or even a pool float, we're dedicated on bringing our customers the best products and a great price. Of course, you can't have just one favorite, so feel free to browse our entire list of staff favorites to see more choices from our amazing team.

Do you have a favorite tile? Let us know! Jump on our active Facebook page or tag us in an Instagram post with a picture of your tile using the #FAVTILE.