AquaBlu Mosaics Featured in ELEVATED Magazine

AquaBlu Mosaics Featured in ELEVATED Magazine
by Danielle Major

Recently, we had the pleasure of being featured in ELEVATED magazine's Home & Design Fall 2021 edition. With such an amazing opportunity, we didn't want to just entertain, but rather, we decided to use this chance to provide real information on what we believe to be the best pool finish: An all-glass tile pool.

Spotlight on All Glass Tile Pool Finishes 

There are so many opinions on using glass mosaic tile for your pool, and we wanted to lay to rest any doubts and answer any questions consumers may have had about the process. You see, using glass pool tile to finish your pool is not only the perfect way to add a stunning feature to your home, but it is also easier and cheaper to maintain, and will outlive most other pool finishes. 

Luxury pool

Concerned about creating an eco-friendly oasis in your home?  Glass is the perfect option for you. Some of our glass tile, such as that in the Nature Series by Vidrepur, is not only made of 99% recycled glass, but has self-cleaning properties! So you can create the paradise of your dreams and feel good about minimizing your eco-footprint while you do it. 

We have found that the biggest concern for our customers when talking about an all-glass tile pool was the cost. Let's be honest, glass mosaic tile used to be a luxury only afforded to the very wealthy. It was hard to find glass options that were stylish and wouldn't break the budget. Fortunately, those days are long gone!

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We now offer a multitude of stunning glass tiles that are affordable and perfect for your home paradise. Some are even priced at a cost per square foot that's less than traditional finishes. Furthermore, due to the durability of glass, when properly installed, glass tile pool finishes can last indefinitely. Forget about refinishing every 7 years; pick your favorite glass tile and it can last you a lifetime!

Luxury Pool Finish for a Lifetime 

Outside of all of the practical benefits of finishing your pool with glass, glass mosaic tile also brings unmatched elegance to any pool or spa. The way it reflects light and illuminates the water, creates the illusion of a larger space; and because there are so many varying colors and styles and textures of glass, using it ensures that there's something for everyone to create their dream space.

elevated home and design magazine

If you are looking for a more traditional style for your pool, try using glass tile as an accent in your backyard paradise. Glass pool tile makes for an easy to clean, gorgeous pool waterline. You can also add a touch of whimsy to your pool or spa by using a one-of-a-kind, custom glass pool mosaic. The sky truly is the limit when you choose glass mosaic tiles!

Check out the full web article on Elevated here, or see the magazine PDF here.