AquaBlu Answers: "What is Color Adaptive Grout, and how do you use it?"

AquaBlu Answers: "What is Color Adaptive Grout, and how do you use it?"
by Danielle Major

Many of our customers have questions about the different products we sell, whether is the glass tile or epoxy grout, every installation can be a bit different.

So we're answering your questions with a new segment called "AquaBlu Answers".

Frank, one of our owners, was at the Coverings exposition this week and had a chance to break down a very common question: What is Color Adaptive Grout?

Watch the video below to get all the info from Frank: 

So in a nutshell:

  • Crystal EVO 700 is our translucent - color adaptive grout we carry here at AquaBlu
  • Inside each pail is: Base mixture and activation packet
  • To use it, you must remove the protecting lid and mix in the activation packet thoroughly.
  • Once mixed, the grout has an estimated 1 hour lifespan to apply to your tile.
  • It's best to adhere your tiles to a white thinset so that it doesn't darken or skew the color adapting. 
  • After it dries, you can expect a clear but color reflective looking grout around your tiles. Meaning, if you applied it around yellow glass tile, the grout will reflect a lighter yellow color.

From the makers of this grout: 

The special epoxy resin blend made of glass beads with a very fine particle size is the secret of product’s fluidity that makes easy both the application and the cleaning steps, conferring smooth and compact appearance to the grout. Starlike® Crystal EVO keeps the aesthetic characteristics of the surfaces over time: it is non-absorbent, easy to clean, suitable even in case of environments having high humidity.

Starlike® Crystal EVO resists mechanical stress, chemical contact, exposure to UV rays and guarantees the durability of surfaces and their conservation over time, preserving the beauty of the mosaics and the living quality of the environments.

What our customers are saying

 "I purchased the crystal grout for a custom mural. Its transparent attributes were a perfect touch for this job." - Christian M. 

translucent epoxy grout

"Very easy to work with. Response time was great. You guys really know your business!" - Suzan P. 

backsplash with epoxy grout