Anti-Viral, Self-Cleaning Glass Tile is Here!

Anti-Viral, Self-Cleaning Glass Tile is Here!
by Danielle Major


Almost everything we come in contact with can be harboring bacteria and viruses that have the potential to make us sick, something that many of us are particularly now paying more attention to.

Though studies show that certain pathogens are not suited for surface transmission, like viruses that cannot multiply without a host, the potential of getting sick from a contaminated surface is still a possibility. For example, common viruses can survive at room temperate for up to four days on glass, up to three days on any stainless steel or plastic surfaces, and up to one day on cardboard. And these viruses can transfer from one surface to the next as you move things around your home.

Additionally, surfaces that we touch often can get primed with oils from our skin and other particles that can encourage surface transmission. This includes items like our phones, purses, and kitchen and bathroom counters. To prevent the spread of illnesses, these surfaces must be cleaned frequently, if not multiple times in one day.

But what if there was a product that provided continual protection from these viruses, that is self-cleaning and anti-viral?

We are proud to introduce Vidrepur Glass Tiles with Technoclean Technology! 


Techoclean is an advanced anti-viral, self-cleaning nano-coating that is applied to select glass tiles manufactured by Vidrepur and distributed by AquaBlu Mosaics. These tiles offer 24/7 protection, even if the surfaces are frequently touched or come in contact with other items that might harbor a virus. Furthermore, Technoclean can be considered anti-everything as it is also deodorizing and anti-static deterring dust, moss, and fungus.

Sound too good to be true? - Technoclean by Vidrepur has been successfully tested by the TCNA (Tile Council of North America) with results showing on average, reduced 87.6% of E. coli ATCC 8739, 100% of Aspergillus niger, and 96.7% of Penicillium pinophilum (in a study conducted with 1 inch by 1-inch tiles).

technoclean self cleaning tile

Technoclean achieves this through a process known as photocatalysis. Or, more specifically, Technoclean tiles absorb UV rays and utilize this energy to activate particles within their coating. The particles’ reactions make the tiles self-cleaning and anti-viral.

Indeed, Technoclean works almost like a full-time maid that is powered by the sun. It works constantly to keep itself clean, protecting you from any dangerous viruses or bacteria. And it can work its magic in any place you add the tile. Here are a few examples:


Take a moment to think about all the sources of contamination that come through your kitchen. From grocery bags to raw meat and poultry to kitchen towels, there are many chances for a virus to “stick around” and be spread from one area to the next.

By incorporating Technoclean glass tiles in your kitchen, you would have one less place to worry about.

You could add a backsplash of brightly colored tiles at your sink, like the Nature Sky tile. This would add a pop of color and form a wall of protection against any of the bacteria splashed against it while washing dishes or handling messy foods.

Or the tile can be incorporated throughout more of your kitchen. The Technoclean glass tile does protect against dust, one of the factors that can increase surface transmission. Not only will this create a cohesive look for your kitchen, but it will also offer protection in the entire space.


The bathroom presents similar problems to the kitchen with its many sources of contamination, but our bathrooms also have the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi to grow.

Bacteria and fungi thrive in these moist, warm areas and are likely to spread if they are not taken care of quickly. Even if your bathroom is spotless, irregular cleaning can allow them to keep growing.

Technoclean glass tiles, and their 24/7 protection, can help with this.


If you have an area where you hang up towels to dry, the addition of technoclean tiles behind them would prevent mold from growing along the wall. It also adds style and eye-catching detail to your bathroom.

The tile would also work wonders in the shower. Decorating with a deep green tile like Nature Bali builds a relaxing, natural feel. And you can feel relaxed, knowing the tile is also protecting against mold and bacteria from growing in your calming paradise.

Even the floors could be benefited from these tiles!


Swimming pools and other wet areas are perhaps the most susceptible to viruses, bacteria, dirt, and other germs as they are constantly exposed to a wide variety of contaminants both human and environmental. And, unlike your kitchen or bathroom counters, these areas can prove to be more difficult to clean and protect against such contaminants.

Fortunately, glass tiles with Techoclean lend a helping hand and offer peace of mind in providing a more sanitary swimming environment for your loved ones.

Applications of Technoclean glass tiles in a pool setting include:

1) All Tile Pool Surfaces - Technoclean is highly recommended by the manufacturer for all tile pool applications, whereas the entire swimming pool is surfaced in mosaic glass tiles. In this application, Technoclean technology adds another layer of filtration as Techoclean will aid in sanitizing and disinfecting the water that it comes into contact with. 

Nature self cleaning glass tile pool

2) Waterline Tile - Vidrepur glass pool tile with Technoclean also works wonders as waterline tile. This is where much of the bacteria and dirt washes up and clings to what is known as "the scum-line". 

3) Spas / Hot Tubs - Perhaps the favorite hang-out spot in a swimming pool setting. These areas experience the most "in and out" human traffic whereas anything you leave or bring to the spa's edge can easily become a source of contamination that can be carried into the water. A completely tiled spa or hot tub would certainly benefit from the self-cleaning and disinfecting traits of glass tiles with Technoclean technology... and look great doing it!

For instance, surfacing your pool and hot tub with a white tile, like Nature Sea Salt, would promote feelings of renewal, purification, and softness. At the same time, these tiles would protect you from bacteria, fungi, or moss that wants to hang around and spread.

And for those seeking tropical blue-colored water a very good pick would be the Nature Olympic. The color blue itself is very calming and represents serenity, stability, inspiration, and wisdom.


Above all, Vidrepur glass tiles with Technoclean technology are 100% recycled. and offers a wide range of benefits in protecting loved ones while beautifying any living space.

We hope that you enjoyed this article. The Technoclean brochure is available for download at AquaBlu For more information including TCNA test results, and to learn about our glass tile collections with Technoclean technology please contact one of our customer success representatives at 800-971-1442.