glass mosaic pool tile installation costs and benefits
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Owning an all-glass tiled pool elevates your swimming oasis to a work of art. Glass and Mosaic art come at a price. Its not uncommon to pay $75-$100+ per sq. ft.  after installation. An average pool can run between $30,000-$60,000 just for the tiling.

Not only does a glass pool look beautiful, when glass is installed and maintained properly; its easy to clean and lasts a lifetime. A range of factors determines the final cost of your glass tiled pool including your location and climate, the quality of materials and installation.

Glass Tile Material Costs

Though installing or refinishing your swimming pool with glass has become very popular, its still a high-end finish with a price tag to match. It can range from $7 to $50+ a sq. ft. for the tile alone.  Most tile already falls in this range, but specialty and custom tile can see a price tag of $300 (for 24K Gold).

Because of growing popularity, the market has seen a a large influx of glass tile products. AquaBlu Mosaics has hundreds of options to choose from, and can create custom mosaics in any size. If you can imagine it, we can do it.

All-Glass Installation Costs

Glass mosaic tile installation is a specialized craft one that many claim competency in. Be wary of general contractors, it’s always best to find a certified pool professional. Expect to pay between $8-$30 per sq. ft. to install your mosaic masterpiece. Don’t pay top dollar for quality tile with a cheap installation – it may come back to haunt you. It would be more expensive in the long run to pay $40 a sq. ft. for high-end tile and then hire an installer for $8 a sq. ft. – just to pay more to repair or replace the tile later. What may have started as a $30,000 pool project may end up costing well over $100,000.

If you need a glass tile installer, we can point you to affiliates around the U.S. If you arent near one of these locations, follow these tips:

  • Use a certified pool professional or glass tile setter
  • Ask for references
  • Inspect previous work
  • Get multiple quotes

Benefits & Considerations

The upsides to going all-glass go beyond the obvious aesthetics. There’s swimming, and then there’s a private escape. Beyond just labor and materials you should consider the benefits and costs.


Glass is one of the most durable pool lining materials meaning less costs for repairs and maintenance and a longer lifespan.


Beautifully tiled pools not only increase the value of your home, but it can drastically reduce the sale time. Putting artistry in mosaics in your yard not only makes your home stand out while you’re there and when it’s time to move on.


Glass can be sharp and slick. To avoid injuries near your pool, consider alternating rows of smooth and textured glass on steps and walking surfaces. If not properly maintained, cheaper glass products can expose sharp edges as the grout wears down.


Your location affects your final bill. Your zip code will mean varying labor and equipment costs. The climate can also affect how the installation is completed. In northern areas, frost proof tile should be used. Discuss installation concerns with a certified pool professional for exact figures.


Going with an all-glass – or even just a glass bottom – tiled swimming pool will create a beautiful dynamic to your home. It creates an artistic focus for both relaxing and hosting. The benefits in beauty, durability, and resale value balance the costs of installing a work of mosaic art. Contact us today to start designing your dream.