by Danielle Major

It’s 2022! A new year means new changes. A renewal of the old and the potential for all your dreams to come true. These last few years have proven to be a challenge for us all. Though, out of these difficulties we’ve realized what matters the most: Having more than just a place to live, but rather, a place that feels like home.

One of the best ways to do that is to create the pool and/or outdoor space of your dreams. Where you and your loved ones can make memories to last a lifetime. So, let’s jump into the top trending pool and outdoor designs for 2022!

#1 | All-Glass Tile Pools and Waterlines

If you’ve followed us in the past, you know we at AquaBlu are huge proponents of having an all-glass tile pool. After all, pool tile is our specialty. 

all glass tile pool

Outside of adding a stunning aesthetic to your backyard paradise, choosing mosaic glass tile to finish your pool is also a smart and practical investment. When installed correctly, glass tile is one of the most durable materials you can use in a pool. In fact, it’s been estimated that glass will take up to 1 million years to decompose. Talk about getting the most bang for your buck!

all glass tile pool waterline

Choosing to use glass mosaic tile also gives you access to a multitude of style options. Looking for an opaque glass tile for your pool? No problem; check out the Fog Navy Blue, 1” x 1” glass tile. This gorgeous blue glass tile offers varying shades of blue, providing an ocean-wave type feel to the finish of your pool.

Maybe you love the translucent nature of glass? Check out the Turquoise, Mixed glass tile. Offering a combination of beautiful translucent tile and tile with an iridescent finish, this eye-catching tile brings a dynamic and modern feel to your pool paradise. If you're looking for something unique, we have over 1,000 different pool tiles listed on our website. Our team can assist you in helping you find just the right one, just call or message us via chat!

#2 | Modern Fire Pits and Fire Tables

Maybe you’d rather have a separate lounge area by your pool to warm up by after taking a nice dip? If that’s the case, one of the durable and stylish fire features by Prism Hardscapes will do the trick!

fire pits for patio

Made from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) and using a hand-crafted, custom patina finishing process, these gas fire bowls and tables all provide 65,000 BTUs of energy, ensuring its longevity and ability to provide the perfect ambiance to keep you and your loved ones warm all night!

Looking for something to fit in a smaller outdoor area? Check out the compact Scatola Fire Bowl. This small fire feature is perfect for adding a touch of warmth to an area without it becoming the space’s centerpiece. If you love to entertain and have a lot of space to work with, check out the Tavola 5 Fire table. This modern, asymmetrically designed fire table features additional table space for food, drinks, and entertaining. Create the perfect lounging area by your pool with any of these sleek fire features.

#3 | Sea-Life and Glow in the Dark Pool Mosaics

Another very popular trend in pool designs is the incorporation of pool mosaics, specifically sea-life mosaics.

swimming pool mosaics

You can create your own underwater paradise and swim with your favorite Fish and animals. From heart-warming turtle families, to beautiful coral reef and tropical fish mosaics, find the mosaics that speak to you and bring you that much closer to nature!

Speaking of pool mosaics, we can’t forget the newest and most trending addition to our pool mosaics catalogue, GLOW-IN-THE-DARK MOSAICS!!! These fun and stylish additions are fun for the whole family. From starfish, to dolphins, and other lovely sea critters, these mosaics will add a touch of whimsy to your pool by day, and light it up with glowing colors by night.

#4 | Unique Fire and Water Features

One of the most trending updates pool owners are taking advantage of is the addition of a fire and water feature.

fire bowls for pool

These alluring features come in many sizes and shapes, and colors and help to bring a touch of sophistication to any pool or backyard without the need for a major renovation. These unique fire and water bowls combine the relaxation and feeling of tranquility of flowing water, and the cozy warmth of a fire. Imagine getting out of your pool for a snack and instead of experiencing the icy chill of wind hitting your body, you can enjoy the warmth from a real fire!

#5 | In-Pool Furniture: Stools, Chairs, Loungers and Accessories

What’s better than lounging by the pool on a sunny Saturday? Lounging IN the pool!

in pool lounger

Now, with the newest selection of sleek, comfortable, in-pool furniture, you and your friends can enjoy the calm relaxation of the water all day long! Looking for luxurious seating for your Baja shelf? Check out the Signature Chaise, In-Pool Lounger. The sleek, resort-style design is not only elegant, but extremely comfortable thanks to the contoured shape that follows the natural curves of the body.

Have a large lounging area in your pool? Set yourself up with one of the fashionable and practical Ice Cooler/ Side table combos! These great additions will keep you and your family’s favorite drinks cool and readily available while you enjoy some fun in the sun. Even if you’re relaxing alone, they provide useful tabletop space for your favorite book or glass of wine. in pool bar stool

Finding seating for an in-pool bar can be a daunting task. Not only do most require being built into the shell of the pool, making them a permanent fixture, but they can also be an expensive one. With the Signature Barstool, you can add comfortable, portable seating for your pool time festivities. These light-weight barstools feature self-sinking technology, making installation as simple as tossing them into the pool. This also means changing their location is just as easy! Never feel like you’re left of the party with these ultra-comfortable portable stools! Available in 12 gorgeous colors, you can find the perfect ones to match your dream aesthetic.

#6 | Integrated Stone Facades

For many of us, having an outdoor oasis isn’t just having a pool. It’s about creating a space that incorporates the practicalities of modern-made tile and equipment with the beauty and tranquility of nature.

stone tile for pool

What better way to do that than to add an integrated stone façade to your pool! Made from premium porcelain tile, the Quarzo series features interlocking ledger stone that is actually made for pools and wet areas and won’t degrade over time like natural stone would.

This durable, rustic style porcelain tile is perfect for any feature wall, grotto, or spa. Available in 4 different color options, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for to create your pool oasis. 

#7 | High Fashion Colored Epoxy Grout

Looking for a bright vivid grout to compliment your favorite tile? Try using a high fashion colored epoxy grout, like from our Glamour Collection.

colored grout for tile

These dazzling colored epoxy grouts also allow the addition of glimmer packets, giving you the freedom to make them sparkle and stand out even further!

Your tile job, whether in a pool, bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere you envision it, will only be successful with the proper tools and products. That is why we stand behind all the grout and tile adhesives by Litokol. Not only are they captivatingly beautiful but are by far the best high-performance setting and grout materials on the market.

Our best-selling adhesive, the Litoelastic EVO, is an epoxy-poly blend, making it perfect for glass, porcelain, natural stone, and many other non-traditional finishes. Its inherent flexibility makes it perfect to accommodate glass tile installed in harshly changing climates. It’s also pure white in color making it the right choice for translucent and semi-translucent mosaic tiles. 

#8 | Luxury Patio Furniture and Outdoor Games

We’re always trying to provide our customers with not only the most reliable, but most trending materials and designs on the market. That’s why we’re so proud to announce the addition of our outdoor living selection to our website!

patio furniture and outdoor games

This section will contain everything you need to make and maintain your pool or backyard area looking like your dream paradise. The Planyk Collection will merge the simplicity of modern design with the durability and beauty of bamboo. Perfect for a laid-back dining experience or an inviting entertaining space, any combination of pieces from this collection will have you and your loved ones happy and comfortable.

From outdoor games to keep your kids and fun guests occupied, to gorgeous outdoor dining tables and chairs, the perfect outdoor space can now be yours. Take part in this new trend and enjoy more time in the fresh air with high-quality outdoor furniture and accessories!

The last couple years have been eye-opening for us all. The global pandemic really put our priorities in perspective and showed us what really matters: time with our loved ones.

Making memories with your friends and family is not something to be taken for granted. It stands to reason why so many of the top 2022 pool design trends involve making your pool and backyard a functional, relaxing environment to enjoy and create memories in. At the end of the day, it is those memories that will last a lifetime.

For more information about how you can create your own paradise, or any of the products and collections mentioned in this article, please call us at (800) 971-1442.