7 Great Backyard Pool Ideas Using Mosaics

great backyard pool ideas
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Why settle for the same pool as your neighbors?

With such a large assortment of artistic pool mosaics available from AquaBlu, you now have more ways than ever to add a personal touch that not only brings out your personality but also provides long lasting fun for you, your family and friends.

A swimming pool is a lot more than just an object. A personalized pool with pool mosaics can be a destination of its own.

By using mosaic art in your pool, you can change the entire look of the focus of your backyard without changing the pool itself; leading it be one of the top ways to spice up your décor without spending your life’s savings.

There's no better way to add a decorative touch to your new or refinished swimming pool than by adding a mosaic. Whether you desire dolphins, turtles, fish or even mermaids, pool mosaic tile offers many different ways to express your artistic side when it comes to your swimming pool.

Mosaic pool art can be surprisingly 3D when installed correctly with shadows and the like. Feel the sun on your back and feel the water rushing past your arms and legs while looking down at your mosaic pool art and envisioning these playful creatures swimming right alongside you.

And it’s not like pool mosaics were just discovered. Both mosaics and man-made swimming pools go back 4,000 year or more. The Romans were the first to start covering pools with mosaics because of pool mosaic’s propensity for lifting our spirits and brightening the day.

Your backyard and your pool should be a place where memories are created, you can unwind and relax after a long day or week, and the place where your true personality shines through.

Mosaic tile art offers unlimited creativity. Here are seven ideas to get you started:

turtle family pool mosaic

1. Create a Turtle Family

Who doesn’t get a kick out of turtles? AquaBlu likes them so much we stock over six dozen different types of turtle pool mosaics – big ones, small ones, loggerheads, sea turtles, hatchlings, tribal and turtles with mermaids hitching a ride.

One idea that has caught on in a big way is creating a family of turtle pool mosaics and installing the smaller turtles on the pool steps following the larger turtles into the deeper water. These mosaic pool tile turtles are so realistic you might even think of them as pets and name each one after a family member.

pool mosaic reef scene

2. Create a Reef Scene

There is something uplifting about swimming in the ocean while on vacation and looking below you at all the explosive color of sea life and plant life teeming with energy. It’s even inspiring to know that millions of these tiny sea creatures survive every single day despite various natural and man-made obstacles.

Now you can bring a touch of the tropics into your pool without having to spend the money and time to travel there. Why not install a pool mosaic art piece within the floor of your pool that features a tropical reef scene? It may not be the ocean, but every time you float above your realistic reef scenes you can look down and be thrilled with the memory of sea life all over again.

medallion pool mosaic

3. Add Medallion Magic

Are you the kind of person who feels a connection with celestial objects and images? Then a pool tile mosaic medallion might be the perfect stamp for your one of kind pool. Our Sun and Moon medallions are powerful designs that look back to you out of the depths to help inspire and relax us.

These medallion symbols have been around for centuries and some people even believe they can bring good luck or fortune on those who believe in them. A simplistic but compelling design such as this one is the type of pool art that catches the eye in an attractive way without taking away from the natural beauty of nature.

shark pool mosaic in deep end

4. Sharkify the Deep End

Shark? What shark? Oh, you mean the one in the deep end of the pool. Yikes!

Terrifying thought – shark in your pool. Good thing it’s only a pool mosaic. Or is it?

Have some pool fun with our giant shark pool mosaics. They may not be real, but real enough to hesitate. Check out our Gotcha Shark. He wouldn’t bite – would he?

sailfish with bait ball swimming pool mosaic

5. Add Game Fish

Like to fish for the big one? Then you’ll probably be hooked on our fantastic game fish pool mosaic tiles featuring mahi mahi, sail fish, tuna, marlin, rainbow trout, sturgeon and many more. For an added sense of realism, we also have bait ball pool mosaics that can be oriented so it looks like the game fish are giving chase.

swimming pool step markers

6. Watch Your Step

Often it’s the smaller details in life that have the most profound impact. Same holds true for smaller pool mosaics that are best applied to your pool steps. These accents and step markers can be anything from a fantastic rainbow colored fusion starfish to curious seahorse or mini dolphin. Sometimes all it takes is just the right step accent to finish off the perfect pool design.

create a custom pool mosaic with aquablu mosaics

7. Create Your Own Mosaic

The ultimate in pool personalization is a custom designed pool mosaic made from your specifications. These are often designs that have special meaning to you: faces, pets, murals, family crest, favorite sports team or company logos – the possibilities are substantial. All that needs to be done is fill out the custom mosaic form on the AquaBlu website. Here you can select a desired production process, then provide project details and specifications. 

 No custom pool mosaic project is too big or too small.


Have questions about pool mosaic art? Or maybe there’s something else on your mind. Talk to one of our experts. You can call us at (800) 971-1442 or fill out our contact form. You can visit our website at https://www.aquablumosaics.com/.