by Justine Castro


When it is time to pool design for your outdoor paradise, choosing the perfect pool waterline tile is a must. The color, style, and eye-catching designs of the swimming pool tiles you choose will bring together all the pieces and define the overall look and feel of your backyard oasis! Of course, it also serves the practical purpose of preventing dirt, pollen, and oils from gathering around the edges of your pool. The wide range of mosaic tiles available create an easy-to-clean and maintain pool.

With such a major role in the enjoyment of your space and an endless variety of options, deciding can be daunting! At AquaBlu, we want to help you get started with a review of the 5 top trends for pool waterline tile coming into 2023.


A major design trend for 2023 is micro luxury, making a big impact with statement pieces and a high-end finish. Traditionally used in all-glass tile pools, you can get a luxurious and elegant flair to your pool using smaller tile formats for your waterline, like the BLUE PLANET - BLUE, 1" X 1" - GLASS TILE. Embodying many of the blue tones of the ocean and combining gloss and matte finishes for visual interest, this stunning glass pool tile remains popular into 2023.

Another popular small-format tile is the BLUE COPPER BLEND, 3/4" X 3/4" - GLASS TILE. This stunning tile is a beautiful way to bring class and elegance to your pool or spa. Its gorgeous mix of smooth blue chips and copper-accented pieces creates a truly dynamic, color-changing look. It also makes a stunning contrast to natural stone looks, providing the best of both worlds.

The unique small format is also ideal for installation in tight corners and small spaces, providing opportunities to extend your waterline pool tile design and aesthetic throughout your home. Furthermore, by creating an illusion of a longer waterline – like those found in upscale pools and spas – it adds value to any design scheme without breaking the bank.

Blue Copper Blend Glass Tile


Torn between the subtle beauty and sparkle of small format tiles and the bold impact of larger statement tiles? Consider a mixed-format glass tile. The best of both worlds, there are many options that blend various shapes, color tones, and sizes of tile. Take, for instance, the AZURE, MIXED - GLASS TILE. This unique mosaic mix is a combination of 2" x 2" and 2" x 4" tiles and pairs shining iridescence with a timeless azure blue, giving you a truly engaging and intricate feel that will make anyone take a second look!

Mixed-format tiles aren’t the only hot trend this year when it comes to uniquely shaped tiles. The hourglass shape of the MAKE A STATEMENT, 1.25" X 3" - GLASS TILE is sure to set your pool apart from your neighbors! With such a rich mix of color and pattern, this style of tile creates a one-of-a-kind perimeter around your pool waterline and earns its name. 

Azure, Mixed-format glass tile


Following design trends that bring us back to the art deco styles of the past, porcelain deco tile has found its place with pool owners that prefer the more traditional look of porcelain tile. There are many styles and shapes of deco tile and best of all, it works well in combination with another deco tile, as an accent to a simpler tile, or even entirely around the perimeter of your pool. Moreover, porcelain tile is much more durable than traditional ceramic tile. Held to higher standards, porcelain pool tile is manufactured to withstand conditions that ceramic cannot.

For 2023, we are highlighting the COBALT BLUE, 6" X 6" - DECO PORCELAIN POOL TILE. This popular porcelain pool tile comes in a beautiful deep blue and makes it a beautiful choice to contrast against the colors found outside around your pool area. The finished result is a classic, timeless feel that won’t ever go out of style. And to see how your deco tile can be used to create a statement art piece, check out how the ALBI, 6" X 6" DECO - PORCELAIN POOL TILE adds flair to an already stunning ALBI, 6" X 6" - PORCELAIN POOL TILE pool wall!

From riveting wave patterns to distinctive floral and baroque styles that blend an array of colors and textures, there is truly something for everyone in Deco porcelain pool tile.

Porcelain Deco Tile


Another way to incorporate trendy yet timeless porcelain tile is to install large, patterned tiles around your waterline. Unlike the deco tile that uses grout to create patterns through the tile, patterned pool tiles are painted, sealed, and kiln fired to create a beautiful waterline that will last in outdoor conditions. This process opens up the possibilities for just about any color and style you could dream!

Because of this process, you’d be hard-pressed not to find something in any color and style imaginable! For instance, the CORDOVA, 6" X 6" - PORCELAIN POOL TILE is very popular amongst homeowners for its classic take on a traditional Mediterranean style. Featuring intricate patterns made with thick, white lines contrasting against a beautiful dark blue, this is one pool tile that gets everyone talking!

Modern-style patterned pool tiles are trending this year as well. Take the MARTIA, 6” x 6” PORCELAIN POOL TILE. Sleek sharp lines paired with simple florals help make this impressive porcelain pool tile stand out. By far our most popular patterned tile, the Martia has consistently been one of our best-selling pool tiles for those wanting a modern take on a traditional look!

Martia, 6x6 porcelain pool tile


A fun and unique trend that keeps your pool looking great both day and night, glow-in-the-dark pool tile has become incredibly popular for pool waterlines! Flexible enough to use as an accent or to line your entire pool, this tile looks gorgeous during the day and will surprise your guests at night! A perfect glowing tile choice is the FIREGLASS 107 – LIGHT BLUE, 1" X 2" - GLASS TILE. This lustrous tile gives a sleek, modern aesthetic during the day, but after the sun goes down gives off a fun and dazzling blue glow!

Have you ever gotten lost looking at the night sky? Daydreaming of swimming amongst the stars? Well, with the FIREGLASS 106, 107, 800 - BLUE BLEND, 1" X 1" - GLASS TILE, you can do just that. The stunning blend of glow-in-the-dark colors with solids creates a one-of-a-kind look, mimicking the beauty and wonder of the night sky!

And better yet, glow-in-the-dark tile can be used for practical application as a step marker and comes in non-skid options for additional protection. Use them as a brilliant accent in your all-glass tile pool, to line your pool for a glowing night swim, or to bring definition to your pool stairs and Baja shelf!

Fire Glass Blend 1 x 1

Your pool and outdoor area are an expression of yourself, so whether you are seeking a timeless and elegant look or a fun and trendy feel, the right waterline tile can make all the difference in transforming the space into your oasis. With countless tile options available, we are here to help you find exactly what you need. Contact one of our experts and start creating your own paradise today!