5 Modern Pool Tile and Design Ideas for 2021

5 Modern Pool Tile and Design Ideas for 2021
by Danielle Major

With summer fast approaching, it's the perfect time to start thinking about any changes or upgrades you want to make to your pool and outdoor space. 

A brand-new year comes with brand-new trends. So, if you need inspiration and want to keep up with the latest styles, dive with us into five modern pool tile ideas for 2021.


1. Upgrade to an ALL-GLASS Tile Pool

The ultimate choice in luxury pool finishes, glass mosaic tiles are a must-have for any pool owner wanting to maintain an elegant look without sacrificing durability. There is no better choice than an all-glass tile pool finish!

Glass mosaic tile is used to cover the pool's entire surface as an alternative to traditional plaster and aggregates. These tiles bring extraordinary beauty to your pool in a way that other tiles can't. They reflect light and mimic the movement of the water. As a result, your pool and the surrounding water will take on a mesmerizing shine; enticing you and your loved ones to jump right in! 

all glass tile pool

Unlike plaster, glass mosaic tile is available in an endless array of colors, textures, and finishes. Glass tile is also famous for its iconic iridescent finish. This allows the tile to reflect sunlight throughout the pool, creating the illusion of a much larger space. Glass tile can also be translucent or semi-translucent which provides a much great sense of depth to the finish.

However, this almost unmatched beauty isn't the only reason many pool owners are adapting the all-glass look. It is also extremely durable, and when installed correctly will last a lifetime!

Glass pool tile is a non-porous material meaning that it receives zero water absorption. This makes the tile frostproof and completely resistant to pool chemicals and its high breaking strength prevents it from cracking under heavy force or stress from climatic conditions.

Glass tile is also much easier to maintain than other traditional substrates. It is resistant to mold and mildew, will not stain, and is easy to clean; the perfect tile for hygiene-conscious homeowners. This is especially true when paired with quality epoxy grout such as Litokol's Starlike EVO

Some newer glass tile collections, such as the Nature Series by Vidrepur, even feature Technoclean Technology, providing extra protection with its self-cleaning, anti-microbial nano-coating. This new coating has been successfully tested by the TCNA (Tile Council of North America).

Why stop at just tiling your waterline when you can adopt the elegance and longevity in your entire pool? Why not turn your pool into the jewel-like oasis of your dreams?

NOTE: Not all glass tile is suitable for pools. Customers should be very cautious as to who and where they purchase materials from. Pool-rated glass tiles for swimming pools must pass a set of criteria and standards to withstand harsh pool environments and climatic conditions. Please contact the experts at AquaBlu Mosaics to help you with any questions or concerns.


2. Create Your Own Custom Dream Tile

Another popular idea for 2021 is to make custom glass tile blends. Taking customization to another level, you now have the power to create something uniquely fitted to your style. 

AquaBlu Mosaics offers the largest network of glass tile manufacturers, providing you the ability to create your own custom blend, shading blend, or gradient using a variety of glass tile formats and finishes! 

custom blend tile

Manufactured here in the USA, the Americolors series is fully customizable in a variety of formats and patterns. Even those traditional, hard-to-find patterns such as Greek Key, Basket Weave, and Herringbone are now a problem of the past.

Take a glimpse at some other fully customizable patterns, like those in the Mid Century Collection.


3. High Fashion Setting and Grouting Materials

Protect your investment in style. The quality and appearance of your setting materials and grouts should be equal to the quality of the glass or porcelain tiles that you have purchased for your swimming pool. The success and longevity of your tile installation are directly correlated with the installation procedure and the quality of materials used.

Using the best quality materials doesn't mean limiting your color and style options. With the Starlike EVO grouts by Litokol, you can turn your boring old grout lines into a high-fashion statement. They are available in a wide range of colors and offer multiple shimmer packs for added flair. 

high performance pool tile grout

They even offer the unique, best-selling grout, the Starlike Crystal EVO 700. This translucent, color-adaptive grout has been nicknamed the “chameleon grout” as its crushed glass bead aggregate base refracts the color of the neighboring tile for a perfect match every time. Perfect for any place you want to make your grout lines "disappear." 

These products and others such as Basecrete waterproofing, Litoelastic, and the Hyperflex K100, not only follow industry standards for proper installation but exceed performance criteria for glass and porcelain tiles; making them the best installation materials on the market for any pool.


4. Create Your Paradise with Pool Mosaics

Swimming pool mosaics are ALWAYS a popular choice for pools, and that trend is only becoming more popular in 2021.

From playful dolphins and turtles to contemporary medallions, or even custom designs; there is certainly a mosaic style for everyone!

If you are interested in sea life, the turtle collection could be a good fit for you! There are over 50 sea turtle pool mosaics that come in different colors, sizes, and poses, including a few swimming with mermaids; a sure way to add some whimsy and character to your pool!

coral sea life pool mosaic

Feel like adding a more realistic ocean scene to your pool? How about a stunning coral and sea life mosaic with our reef collection. The ocean is a colorful place, and this collection really highlights that with its bright, fun colors in 20 different designs. It'll bring all the joy of snorkeling right to your pool.

Can't find exactly what you're looking for in a stock mosaic? Not to worry! Customize your mosaic and turn your vision into reality! From simple porcelain mosaic productions to completely customized, hand-cut Venetian glass murals, AquaBlu can make your mosaic dreams come true.

For more information on the different custom mosaic styles offered, visit our custom production services page.


5. Accessorize

Another popular idea for your pool in 2021 is to accessorize.

It’s not all just about your tile or mosaics; pool accessories are another addition you can add that emphasizes your aesthetic and make your pool as comfortable as possible.

The Kai Shelf Lounger, for example, is a luxury pool lounge chair intended for use on a tanning ledge or Baja shelf. Using an enhanced design with your relaxation in mind, these pool loungers feature a phone and cup holder for maximum comfort, while the sleek, modern appearance brings an added touch of elegance to any pool.

in pool lounger

Another great accessory to consider is a pool float, such as the King Kai float. This ultimate luxury float is made with soft and durable fabric that supports your entire body comfortably. It can also support up to 600 pounds, making it perfect for sharing with a friend!

In all, 2021 is trending towards a year of creativity and personalization. It’s about making your pool a unique and comfortable oasis, especially in times when we’ve got nowhere else to go.

For you, that might mean not missing out on the most popular idea for 2021, an all-glass tile pool, to give your entire pool a luxurious shine. No matter what you decide, we’d like to help! Please reach out to us at 800-971-1442 for free design advice, consultations and quotes.