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Hexagon Mosaic Tile for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Also referred to as honeycomb tile, hexagon tile pattern mosaics bring a brilliant aesthetic to any project. Thanks to their exuberant pattern, hexagon tiles can provide any kitchen, bathroom, or pool that extra flair you are looking for.

The hexagon: a six-sided shape naturally occurring in nature, efficient in use of space, and one of the strongest structures in the world. The hexagon also happens to create one of the coolest patterns in the world- the honeycomb pattern! And with our glass hexagon tile you can incorporate the awesome honeycomb pattern into your home’s décor. Also befitting for these mosaic tiles inspired by nature, the majority of our hexagon tile collections are made from recycled glass!

Have you ever described anything as refined and futuristic? As odd as it sounds that is the best way to describe our 3-Dimensional hexagon tile. This tile is a conversation piece, a statement wall, something that literally and figuratively stands out from the rest! Matte or glossy finish, the 3D hexagon mosaic tiles will take any room to the next level of design.

Our Superior collection of hexagon tile, which delightfully mixes iridescent and opaque glass tiles, is crafted in the USA using fine Italian design techniques. This collection gives depth and sophistication to a very contemporary style. Or, if a little whimsy is more your taste - the Passion collection brings bright, vibrant colors to this enticing pattern, as well as some nice earthy tones, such as the Earthstone Hexagonal glass tile, which could transform your entire pool or spa into one giant honeycomb!

For a twist on this pattern, we also offer a collection of “long” hexagon mosaic tiles. All part of the Peloton collection, dramatic and smoky, with a slight stone-like texture. These hexagon tile mosaics are quite a unique take on this particular style, giving an almost woven appearance to the lovely honeycomb design.

Whether you are in the market for blue hexagon tile, white hexagon tile or anything in between - we have several options to choose from that are sure to add character and sophistication to your next project.

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