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Glass 1x1 Mosaic Tiles

Choose from our amazing selection of 1" x 1" glass mosaic tiles for pools, spas, kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, and more. 1" x 1" glass tile is a standard for all-glass pool applications or pool waterlines. These mosaic tiles come pre-mounted in approximately 12" x 12" sheets and are ready for installation. Rated for pools, all of our glass tile mosaics in this collection are also suitable for use as kitchen tile, bathroom tile, or on interior walls.

The benefit of choosing 1”x1” glass tiles is not only the options available but also the amenability of these tiles. With curved pools or rounded spas, applying smaller tiles to upgrade the appearance and protect the surface from stains is possible with smaller mosaic tiles. As well, 1” x 1” mosaic tiles will add sparkle, shine and a touch of luxury sure to make your pool and spa look even lovelier than you ever imagined. Furthermore, there is not a more gorgeous swimming pool than one that has been completely tiled with glass. Once you’ve feasted your eyes on such a lovely oasis, you will never look at a concrete pool the same way again.

Speaking of completely tiling your pool or spa, what about that master or guest bath? Floor to ceiling mosaic tiles will make any bathroom, regardless of size, one of the most impressive rooms in your home. Additionally, a fully tiled bathroom equates to an easier to clean bathroom with seemingly more light as it reflects off the tiles’ surface. We also have many options for slip-resistant tiles, which are the absolute perfect choice for a floor that tends to get slippery and wet on a regular basis.

Create a kitchen that dazzles with stacked-format glass tiles along the backsplash, leading up to the ceiling and cabinets. Add a vibrant color, keep it crisp and white, or go with an iridescent sheen; this simple addition can make the biggest difference in the appearance of one of your family’s most beloved rooms. This is where you gather for chats over coffee, or moments spent bonding, cooking nourishing meals together. It is well worth the investment to adorn the walls of this special space with a beautiful glass mosaic surface.

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