Glass Tile Showers: Time to Splurge?

custom glass tile shower
by AquaBlu Mosaics

You’ve heard about the incomparable beauty of glass tile. But you’ve also heard about its higher cost compared to ceramic tile.

A great place to try glass mosaic tile without breaking the bank is in a smaller space such as a shower.

Glass tile showers as well as glass tile bathrooms in general offer a contemporary look that is refreshing and unique.  Vibrant, jewel tone glass hues create a unique opportunity to create an eye-catching statement with your shower.

Soothing blue tiles and those with green tones for a coastal cool look are ideal for rest and relaxation. You can also opt for neutral hues if you prefer a sophisticated, spa-inspired oasis. Bottom line: A glass tile shower is an ideal choice if you are looking to add something that’s both resplendent and a little different to your shower design.

If you’re new to glass mosaics, it’s important to understand that this type of mosaic tile for sale isn’t just beautiful -- it’s incredibly low maintenance and it reflects both color and natural light to open up a bathroom or shower.

Not only is glass an incredibly practical material for use in a shower, it also looks stylish, glamorous and high-end. And how often can we say that about anything?

There are many way to use mosaic glass tile in a shower depending on your budget and how committed you are to a particular design. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider: 

Full Glass Tile Shower

A full glass tile shower – like a total glass tile swimming pool – has become very popular over the past few years. Even with limited wall space, showers and bathrooms are perfect spaces to create bold designs that won't overpower the eye.

This is an excellent way to create your own private escape. Most glass is translucent, therefore, unlike any other surface material, that beautiful color you picked out will show all the way through the tile, providing an additional sense of depth and dimension

And because glass reflects light, it will make your shower or bathroom appear larger. Also keep in mind that glass is impervious to water and will not stain.

One big design advantage of a full glass shower is the wide spectrum of colors and patterns to choose from. While glass subway tile is still popular, don’t overlook other compelling designs such as fish scale tile and hexagon tile – especially blue hexagon tile like AquaBlu’s sapphire hexagonal glass tile.

For something truly unique, consider custom mosaic wall art in glass. Contact AquaBlu Mosaics for a custom quote - all we need is a reference image and dimensions!

custom glass tile shower idea

Custom Glass Mosaic Mural Idea


If your budget allows, using glass on one or more entire walls of the shower is a stunning look. With so many colors, patterns and sizes of glass tile available, your options are limitless.

Colored glass can completely change the mood of your shower. While white, pale gray or oyster panels will help to create a spa-like sanctuary, zestier shades such as lime green or sky blue are stimulating and energizing – great for waking you up in the morning.

The light reflecting over the mosaic tiles will create a sense of depth and movement that only glass tile can bring to your bathing area.

Again, incorporating a unique pattern will further personalize and customize a shower that could use some pizzaz. You might even want a wall to match or compliment bathroom backsplash tile.

mosaic glass tile wall in bathroom

Vidrepur Aura Collection


A lot has been said about the possibility of glass floors being problematic. Some feel glass cannot handle the weight of being stood on. It has also been thought of as being too slippery for a shower. However, both of these issues are easily resolved.

Regarding strength – not all tile is created equally. Before purchasing glass mosaic tile for sale, it’s important to inquire about its strength grade.

Also, using an epoxy grout with smaller sized glass tile chips will increase the grout surface and enhance the gripping power.

Many feel a glass shower floor is worth it. Mosaic glass tiles on floors can imbue a shower with a sense of lavish luxury invoking the elegance of an upscale spa.


You don’t have to do your entire shower to reap the benefits of glass tiling. Many designers place the tile on an accent wall to draw attention to a focal point. For example, one or two rows of blue glass tile threaded throughout shower walls can create a unique and pleasing appearance.

A pop of color can also be infused by covering the face of a shower bench seat or using glass tile inside a recessed niche.

Pairing With Ceramic

Some people prefer to mix ceramic and glass inside their shower space.

Adding colored glass tile on the walls or floors can break up the monotony and add balance to an all-white bathroom while still maintaining a clean look. A slight contrast of color using glass can enhance the monochromatic design, and a simple sparkle from just one or two bands of glass mosaic tile around your shower fixtures will modernize the look of your shower.

This is another opportunity to get creative with glass tile. Watch complimentary ceramic walls glow with the addition of brilliant glass mosaics for the shower floor. Or you could go the other way with glass tile shower walls with a contrasting ceramic floor pattern – maybe something especially imaginative like a Moroccan inspired arabesque pattern.


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